Yesware Salesforce Review

Yesware Salesforce is an essential tool used for emailing designed for salespeople to make their sales and marketing activities more productive. It is deal for salespersons sending a lot of emails and need to keep the emails relevant to clients at the same time.

Yesware Salesforce Review

Functions of Yesware

Mostly used to track emails, yesware also creates templates and allows for CRM sync. Other key features include task management on salesforce and contact insights.

Yesware can be added to Gmail as well. The yesware and Salesforce integration can be used in Gmail to manage sales channels. Using Gmail, one can create and make changes to their contacts on salesforce. The emails that have been sent out, those that have been opened, the link clicks as well as the replies can be synced automatically to salesforce. Reports are then provided on activities regarding the leads, contacts, account and available opportunities.

Integration of yesware with salesforce makes it possible to have the Salesforce account updated information on clients. These updates include tracking data which is provided in real time.

Other than the emailing features, Yesware Salesforce enables for the syncing of meetings with leads and clients as well as created events and updates in salesforce are added to Google Calendar.


This program informs the salesperson when their email was opened and by whom. This is especially important when salespeople send emails blindly enabling them to be in a better position to win deals.

Integrating the product to your browser is easy without having to need any assistance from the IT department. How to install and set it up is made quite clear making it simple to and easy to get started. The steps you need to integrate yesware with salesforce are also clearly explained.

This tool makes it possible to keep tract of sales leads ensuring that they do not go to waste thus promoting sales.

The reports provided are invaluable especially to the salespersons and sales team and the emails are easy to access and their organization is neat.


The tool has a follow up system which includes reminders to let the user know that they need to follow up on emails or clients and when to do it.

From the sidebar, one can access the contacts they need. Activities can be entered from the side bar as well.

The opportunity function gives one an idea of their progress based on the reports and the latest mail merge feature makes sending emails even more efficient.

Yesware allows for scheduling of emails too. If the emails do not need to be sent at that particular time, one can have them sent later. This comes in handy especially when the emails need to be sent to recipients in a different time zone.

The reporting dashboard on salesforce contains custom reports option which is meant to make it possible to retrieve from salesforce, yesware activity. These reports include details about activities by account, opportunity and stage.

The customer service is quick to respond, helpful and professional. A support team is also happy to provide assistance to those using salesforce already and may be encountering problems or have more questions about the product.

The tool is made even more convenient with its mobile application. This makes it possible for salespeople to go through the recipients who have opened their emails wherever they are. Some users have found the results on the mobile version of the software to be more informative and detailed compared to the desktop one. Syncing the events on Google Calendar to Salesforce is also possible using your mobile device as well.

This application is easy to use and simplifies the sales process adding value to it as well. It is reliable and with the use of the yesware activity, one can be able to run multiple salesforce reports.

The sales department can make more contacts and get the necessary information to the customers who need it with the help of the email tool.

Efficiency is promoted by the user friendly email templates. The templates can be shared with the sales team to automate emails more easily. Productivity is higher as the time and energy spent for reporting in Salesforce is reduced

Yesware Salesforce is a solution for sales and marketing in properly managing and keeping track of the emails sent and received by the sales team.

Data which is necessary and accurate about how well the sales team is performing is made available. The rate of closing deals goes higher as one is aware of their potential client’s frequency in looking at their business proposals. This makes it possible to identify those that are more interested.

One also gets to know the device your emails have been opened with. This makes it easier to plan the consequent engagements with the potential clients.


The email templates will sometimes load at a smaller rate mostly because of the additional features. However, this may not always be the case with all users.

The number of times the recipients have opened the emails is quite inaccurate according to some users. The likeliness of the information being true is not so high despite there being a chance of the results being possible. However, most of the users have found the sales activities’ tracking to be accurate.

Synching of the right hand side sidebar is not as easy.


It would be easier if searching for a contact would be using the name of the contact person rather than their email.

It would be helpful to know which of the emails sent out are spammed as well.


Despite it having a number of shortcomings, this application is continues to provide customer satisfaction and is recommended by a lot of its users. Based on experiences by users, Yesware Salesforce is a powerful tool that makes sales more convenient, effective and efficient as well. Use it to your benefits and read salesforce tricks for better results.

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