The Complete Guide to Salesforce Chatter

As we know, Salesforce offers innovative Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools. Sales Cloud is one of the brands available for CRM which has a collaborative feature called chatter.

What the Chatter Feature Does:

Salesforce Chatter offers an amazing set of collaborative features to any application developed on Salesforce. You can use the chatter feature to include public features like profiles and status updates, as well as real-time feeds to your Salesforce applications. Chatter technologies enable your users and data to be able to provide live updates feeds and customize how information and data is utilized.

Setting Up Salesforce Chatter:

Setting up chatter is simple. The administrator must enable chatter. Then you configure your chatter to your Salesforce application. You can then turn ON co-worker invitations. This enables invitations to co-workers without Salesforce license to work for your company.

Once you set up chatter, you can incorporate the following features:

Profile-Users have a profile page that contains information about them and links to their chatter wall page. The user can choose to include a user profile image so that other users can easily recognize them. Status updates- Users can follow each other as well as their data records. They will be notified of status updates and any other changes. Feeds –You can access all the activities of users that you follow through the feeds option. You can choose to view their entire activity records or choose specific records for a particular period. Sharing Model-  Users can customize their sharing options by using this feature to filter information that will be visible to other users who follow them. This sophisticated tool is developed into the platform. Data Models- This tool enables users to create status updates and queries.

How to Enable Chatter:

Enabling chatter activates the collaborative feature on your applications. It is also a simple thing to do.
  • Click on your name and select setup. Click customize under the Application Setup command, then choose settings.
  • Under chatter settings, choose the Enable option and Save the changes.
  • Additionally you can enable the mobile chatter feature for supported mobile devices.

Other Features That Will be Enabled:

  • The user interface theme. This feature updates the appearance of Salesforce
  • The global search feature. This feature enables you to run searches across Salesforce chatter feeds, people, files and groups.
  • Sometimes when you enable chatter, all users automatically follow each other. This only happens when you enable chatter having only 15 users or fewer users.
  • You can enable the task publisher feature which allows your users to add a task on a record page.

How to Disable Chatter:

Disabling chatter is as easy as enabling chatter. In fact, you follow the same steps as in enabling chatter. It should be noted that disabling Chatter for sales force does not remove the feeds you received completely. You can get your feeds back and view them anytime you re-enable chatter.
  • Click on your name and select setup. Click customize under the Application Setup command, and then choose settings.
  • Under chatter settings, choose the disable option and Save the changes.
  • Doing this will also automatically disable the mobile chatter feature.
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