Zuora for Salesforce Review

Zuora for Salesforce is an app software that is designed to aid subscription business modeled companies. It is a brand of the California based software enterprise Zuora. The company in general deals with billing automation, finance operations, and commerce.

Zuora for Salesforce Review

The Salesforce application is designed to keep a subscription company close to its customers and keep them renewing the company’s subscriptions. This helps the company keep operating and keep new customers engaged.

The app works from a perspective that affects the rest of the subscription company’s revenue generating. It provides the company’s front-line employees with a powerful Salesforce app that allows them to do a number of activities regarding customers and keeping track of subscriptions. The app allows the front-line employees to have their own accounts through the app from which they control a number of things. From making subscription adjustments, up and cross selling new products, creating new subscription quotes, the app allows much flexibility and room for improving any subscription company’s customer service. All these activities are then connected to the application’s back office payment software known as Z-billing and Z-payments. 

This fusion of information flow offers a critically important tool in the subscription company. By joining worker activities and financial tracking, it offers insight for the company on its overall performance. Through the app, the company has access to powerful metrics such as Total Customer Value (TCV) and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). 

Another dual method the app uses instrumentally is the placement of software to track important activities such as the creation of subscriptions, and another module that deals with keeping track of active contracts with customers. By working in this two way manner, it allows significant control for the company in terms of its improvement plan. 

How does it work? There are several components to this application that contribute to this dual working– let us look at them below.

•Zuora 360: this is the back end software module that keeps in order customer subscriptions, bills, and payments. This module is especially important and instrumental when integrated with Salesforce application can provide an easy and streamlined process of customer service. Not only that, but it enables the company to see clearly the trends and patterns of customer relations. By doing this, the application equips the company with useful information. 

•Zuora Quotes: this is the front end module that allows sales force to create effective quotes for subscriptions. This deals with creating quotes for new or renewed subscriptions which are then sent to the customer for approval. If approved by the customer, the transaction and agreement is noted and recorded as a new amend. 

Why this app? Zuora for Salesforce comes with many advantages for a subscription business company. Most of the advantages are associated with the innovative connection and control of customer relations. One of the things this app does quite great in is the monitoring of the customer life-cycle–a difficulty with many other applications. Other applications end at the sign-up process and not monitor communication. However, this app does so and by that, creates a powerful tool for tracking the company’s progress and see where there is room for improvement and use that to an advantage. 

Furthermore, it allows free flow of information between billing/payment information and the sales service teams. By allowing access to information during the sales person’s interactions with customers, it makes the process more expedient and accurate. 

Some additional benefits that come with Zuora for Salesforce include: 

Subscription Lifecycle Quoting This enables for the sales team to create quotes for new subscriptions as well as other transactions such as renewals, cancellations, upgrades, add-ons, and so forth.

•Line-item Pricing Flexibility: being able to give sales force the ability to change the quantity, apply price as discounts, and subscription term changes all in one quote. Pretty expedient in closing deals.

•Real Time Subscription Metrics: allows to track and view the pact of a particular quote with live feedback from metrics.

•Comprehensive API Library: this is for more complex customizations that may be needed by the company. 

•Complete Subscriber Visibility: this allows the sales force to be up to date and have information on their fingertips about customer billing activities in order to facilitate a better customer relationship. 

•Subscription Pricing & Packaging: allows to integrate over thirty, once recurring based charge with price and packages as a method of growth strategy and planning. 

•Configurable Quote Templates: easy to understand and accurate quotes in PDF format complete with the company’s unique branding elements. Templates are customizable by sales force.

•Secure Electronic Payment Capture: mainstream connect cash collection by quick capture of credit card information and integrate the information directly to a quote.

•Subscription Reports: found in the all are eleven pre-packaged subscription reports aimed to make report of business much easier an more efficient. 

Final Verdict Zuora’s all has proven to be extremely useful in subscription business. This is largely owed to the application’a innovative take on how to streamline Salesforce activity and billing information to better the company’s performance. By allowing the sales team to have direct access to customer activities and transaction, it creates a favorable environment to healthy customer service and hence, creation of deeper customer care and relationships. For a business company driven by customer subscriptions, this is of foremost importance. After all, the business would not exist if it is not for the customer. So it is only logical for a company to employ the best means available to connect to customers more and provide quality service. The app works for both parties, a quality of distinction in the part of the app. Not only is the business able to provide quality customer care, but it also makes the job easier for the sales team. This is by the integration and streamlining of necessary information needed in one compact package that is also easy to access.

Many subscription business owners have enjoyed much of what this application has to offer. Users reported increased efficiency, greater transparency into what could be done to improve services, improvement of customer relationships, and an overall robust business with a clear mission and vision. Zuora for Salesforce is certainly a distinguished technological product that has successfully revolutionized how subscription business companies operate.
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