Everything Is Possible, Just Try: An Interview with SharinPix CEO Jean Michel Mougeolle

I’M SO EXCITED!   This post marks the beginning of an amazing new journey for this blog.   Rainforce is about to dig deeper into the Salesforce community than ever before, with one single goal in mind: to deliver high-quality, thought provoking, awe-inspiring words of wisdom from the very best in the business. Announcing a

WalkMe’s new Salesforce Tool Makes Searching MUCH More Effective

How many times have you found yourself short on time at work? I assume the answer is ” every day.”   Working with Salesforce requires sifting through a lot of information in a short time span and, in many cases, juggling between various responsibilities. This is why we’re constantly looking for simple solutions that’ll help

0% Tricks, 100% Treats: Top Salesforce Articles of October

Happy Halloween! Going with the holiday’s tradition of putting on costumes, Rainforce has decided to try something slightly different. This month’s roundup of top Salesforce articles contains little-to-no “tips”, or “tricks”; no helpful one-liners, VisualForce formulas or anything in that fashion. Instead, I’ve dedicated this month’s roundup to other types of articles: opinion pieces, interviews,

WalkMe at Dreamforce ‘16: What You Might Have Missed & What We Learned

  Every year, Salesforce brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of their end users for four days of high-energy fun and networking at the annual Dreamforce conference in downtown San Francisco.   To say that this year’s Dreamforce was a huge success would be an understatement. From October 4th-7th, 170,000 participants kept busy

Here’s How CenturyLink Leveraged Salesforce to Build a Killer Sales Team

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Shelley Huber, Senior Lead Process Analyst at CenturyLink. As a preface to her upcoming Dreamforce 2016 speaker session, we discussed the challenges she faces with respect to the onboarding process of her sales team and the role WalkMe has played in helping

[PREZI]: The Silent Killer: Salesforce Training Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

No one wants to make Salesforce training mistakes, especially costly ones. However, before trying to avoid them, we should probably take a step back and recognize what they are…   For companies large and small, Salesforce has become the lifeline for sales and customer relations management. But, with any other software, there’s a training stage,

Follow Along – Salesforce’s Success Story

$52 Billion. Did I get your attention?   That’s what Salesforce’s Market Capitalization is worth as of 2016. The company has become one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies in the U.S, but like most companies, it had humble beginnings.   The Salesforce info-graphic below highlights the company’s birth 15 years ago in


The most anticipated Salesforce conference of the year is happening NOW, and I’m here to keep you updated on all the exciting news by blogging live updates! Make sure you stop by booths  440 & 1840, meet the incredible WalkMe team and #ExperienceWalkMe!   October 7th 12:50pm The WalkMe team rocks out booth 1840!