3 Great Salesforce Hacks to Boost Usage

By: Amanda @RainforceBlog Mcdonald People are always looking at ways to make life easier, and when it comes to Salesforce, a software platform that is complex and a bit overwhelming at times, knowing about some “hacks”, or tricks, helps to make usage a bit easier and less burdensome. So with that it mind, I’d like to present a few Salesforce hacks that can create a more customized and user-friendly experience. These particular hacks offer some great improvements to Salesforce without much difficulty.

3 Salesforce Hacks to Boost Usage

1. Sales Cycle Morphing Page Layouts The objective of this hack is to display different page layouts during each different phase of the sales cycle. In these cases you can lock down certain fields as “read only,” add new fields, or remove/add certain pick list values. In order to complete this particular hack, you need to be able to use Workflow to change the Record Type. If you’re interested in a walkthrough of this particular tip, it is located here starting at 14:17. This amazing hack allows you to focus on a clearer customer experience during the sales cycle and to cater each layout to each process. It’s also one of the easiest to facilitate. Follow the Workflow rule in “proposal layout switch” and evaluate how this particular hack may be beneficial for your team. 2. Quick Email Links This hack gives the service agent to quickly send a commonly used email response to case contact. Service agencies can quickly send solution or case check in using standard email templates Salesforce but did you know you can create different templates for each “type”? In the cases tab you’ll notice that under “case number” you can click “email solution” It’s tied to one email template that grabs the solution tied to the case and populates it. And you can actually attribute a certain email template based on the case type. You can use photos or logos to help you boost your email template in order to reach out and communicate. Use this hack in a dynamic way to reach out to your contacts based on each case type. This is a great way to avoid redundancy. The case object and templates often send out email. 3. WalkMe for Easier User Onboarding and Assistance WalkMe accelerates Salesforce user training, and provides immediate step-by-step assistance to any user when needed, to successfully perform any task. You already know the benefit of strong customer support and Salesforce is an enormous and complex program. You may already have questions about how to master Salesforce, and your team may have even more. Why not put a process in place to ensure that all procedures are handled properly and that your team is getting as much out of Salesforce as possible? With WalkMe this is possible, as it enables a “learning while doing” system. WalkMe runs live interaction with Salesforce and has the ability to walk you through the perfect tutorial to give you and your team the most benefit. There’s no denying the success and power of Salesforce. With a few hacks, you will be in an excellent position to leverage its power to build your business. Build confidence in your team, sharpen your skills, and get everyone comfortable with using and benefitting from Salesforce today.

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