4 Simple Salesforce Usage Tips to Get your Employees Onboard

Convincing employees to get onboard Salesforce and leverage all of its potential can be difficult. So, if Salesforce is your chosen CRM platform but you’re having some difficulty getting your team onboard the platform, follow these 4 simple Salesforce usage tips.

1. Encourage Employees to Maximize Workflow Functionality through Automation

Salesforce provides dynamic workflow functionality for automating your business processes. By using workflow automation, your users will benefit from greater control over their everyday activities. This means that they’ll avoid redundant tasks and improve adherence to your business’ processes and procedures. Automation also encourages better use of Salesforce and provides a way to assign tasks to specific users, create custom rules based on events or teams, and even a way to develop multi-step approval to their sales team’s requests. By improving workflow functionality you can relieve your team of manual tasks and arduous and lengthy approval processes. As research firm Gartner points out, “[s]ales performance management applications can help vice presidents of sales improve the organic quality of salespeople through ongoing development, tracking, training, coaching and increasing the salespeople’s skills, capabilities and knowledge.”

2. Invest in Continuous Training

As we all move further along in the age of the cloud and as Salesforce grows in popularity and in size, we need to continue to be able to enhance our knowledge of it. Don’t spare education or training opportunities out of a fear of lost employee productivity. There are a number of onsite and even on-the-job learning strategies that can keep your employees engaged in continuous learning. Build a sustainable and long-term strategy for learning and development and don’t be afraid to use all supports available to you to enhance Salesforce usage by employing great training. Remember, training must be ongoing and adaptable because Salesforce will continue to grow and is highly customizable.

3. Lead Your Management Meetings with Salesforce

If the goal is better performance and usage from the sales team, management and executives should use salesforce regularly. To increase its use and to encourage updates managers should be encouraged to lead their staff meetings from the Salesforce.com dashboards. This will help keep everyone trained, accountable and ensure that the system is frequently updated. In this system you can review weekly activities by Sales team member, review forecasting, and review goals.

4. Use WalkMe for Salesforce

WalkMe is a software platform that offers interactive onscreen guidance for Salesforce. Walk-Thru’s appear as step-by-step call-to-actions so that can successfully perform particular processes without confusion. WalkMe is specially designed for the Salesforce platform – it’s simply overlaid onto the Salesforce platform. Finding ways to ensure that Salesforce is being used to its potential is not difficult — it just requires a little planning. These tips can help you maintain excellent usage of Salesforce while addressing some of the key issues that users face.
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.