Drive Productivity with These 5 Salesforce Apps

  When Salesforce is a tool that you are using every day, it definitely pays to be able to use it efficiently and effectively. Luckily, there are several resources that help drive both productivity and knowledge of the platform to make users feel more at ease with using the system as part of their daily routine.   But, before even getting started with any of these Salesforce add ons, it helps to begin by strategizing your implementation so that it is optimized for your users. There is no need to overwhelm employees by having content on Salesforce that does not pertain to their particular role, or having too little information available on the surface so that your users have to dig deep to find it.   If Salesforce is ready to use and customized correctly for your company and employees, that makes being productive on the platform a lot easier from the get-go. I’ve compiled this list of tools to boost your organization’s Salesforce productivity.  

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Salesforce Apps for Productivity

  One thing to definitely leverage is Salesforce app. I have talked before about some Salesforce apps that boost productivity and are a great addition to the core platform. Apps are an integral part of increasing your efficiency and there are so many in the AppExchange that are built just for that reason: to make the platform easier and more enjoyable to use.   WalkMe Boosts Salesforce Productivity   The best thing is that these apps are constantly being developed and improved so they are up to date with the current needs and trends of Salesforce users. Some apps that I have found to be especially innovative for boosting productivity include Agile Accelerator, Cirruspath and WalkMe.  

Agile Accelerator

  Agile development methods have become synonymous with productivity by using collaboration and constant team feedback as the base principle of production. Salesforce originally built this tool for themselves when they switched to the agile method of development and needed a tool to consolidate many of their own internal tools.   Now widely available, it offers a platform for team members to manage their development processes without having to leave Salesforce. This way, all of the information is in one place and anyone on the team can access it whenever needed.  

Cirrus Insight

  Cirrus Insight enhances communication by adding email and calendar syncing functionality to Salesforce. This way, all of your dates will be in one place and you will be able to more easily keep track of appointments or other important dates like deadlines.   Important customer information will come right to your email inbox and you have the ability to update records from within your inbox. Since the information goes straight to your inbox, it optimizes your engagement and provides a simple way to stay in touch with what is going on in your Salesforce.  


  WalkMe Salesforce Productivity Apps   WalkMe can help make sense of Salesforce and all of these apps, especially for new users. Through onscreen guided tours or onboarding lessons, WalkMe can help your organization define a general standard to how things are done so that processes can be completed fully and consistently.   After your users complete the guidance, they will know how to use Salesforce in a way that works for your company. This saves your organization time by decreasing the onboarding time to learn how to use your company’s Salesforce and helps your employees learn how to efficiently complete certain processes correctly every time.  

SuperTools for Salesforce Productivity

  Beyond their onscreen guidance tool, WalkMe has recently developed a couple of other tools specifically to boost Salesforce productivity. These “SuperTools” as they are called, include SuperSearch and SuperEdit and they are both fantastic additions to any Salesforce user’s daily use of the system.   WalkMe SuperTools for Salesforce  


  SuperSearch enhances the search experience and makes finding information much faster for your users.   WalkMe SuperSearch for Salesforce   Let’s say you need to find a particular date associated with an opportunity. Simply type the opportunity name and the word “date” into the search bar and your results will appear instantly in a drop-down without having to wait for the page to load.  


  SuperEdit allows users to edit individual records while looking at a report.   WalkMe SuperEdit for Salesforce   Instead of having to navigate to a specific record, SuperEdit saves multiple clicks by allowing editability on the main page. What makes these tools even better is that they are completely free – all it takes is downloading the WalkMe SuperTools extension and they are yours to use.  

Salesforce Administrator for Productivity

  There is obviously a lot of information to absorb and continue to learn regarding Salesforce. This is when having a Salesforce admin can be an integral part of having productive use of the platform.   Salesforce admins are experts in your business and in the Salesforce product, creating a seamless relationship between the two. They will know when there is a new app that could perfectly fit your organization or will know how to optimize the out-of-the-box solutions that Salesforce has to offer.   Bringing a Salesforce administrator to your team adds value by enhancing your relationship with the platform and having a go-to person to stay in touch with all of the constant updates.   While Salesforce itself lends to a more productive workday, these tools and additional resources can make it an even more powerful part of a company’s internal and external success. As I’ve shown here, there is a wealth of resources out there that can help you take your Salesforce usage and performance to the next level.  

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Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.