Apsona Salesforce Review

Apsona Salesforce is one of the add-on application for the salesforce.com that is available through the AppExchange. It has the ability to make many of the routine data management activities or tasks on the Salesforce much easier. This has been the main reason why businesses often like using it whenever they are trying to improve the sales that they make in their businesses. It also incorporates the new ideas in the web application design that has a complete metadata-driven architecture to implements very snappy interface of Web 2.0 at the same time delivering a user experience, which is unique in the market.

For example, with Apsona Salesforce you can always quickly find at the same time filtering data records using the best cross-object filtering, before exporting and mass-updating data fields using few click and finally importing data records that has a simpler interface.

Apsona Salesforce Review

What are the productivity features of Apsona Salesforce?

The following are the common features of Apsona Salesforce that you need to know about.

It has very sophisticated filtering with fields from the secondary objects, exception conditions and metric functions that will save you searches before reusing the filters. It also provides an opportunity to have multiple views of your data in list-and-detail, as well as related objects, calendar views or editable grids. This definitely makes it one of the best options available in the market.

It also allow users to edit and update these fields at any time that they want without losing the context that they have and thus making it another amazing feature. It also has an amazing user interface that you might need thus no annoying refreshes. When using it, you will also have an opportunity to delete the records that you want and retain the once that you need to use in the future thus enabling you to maintain a sizable database. You will also have an easy-to-use reporting that create reports on the objects, choosing fields and filters before exporting to the CSV in just one click.

On the Data management features, it has an Export to the CSV Export to the cross-section of the data (any object, the filtered set of records, and the subset of fields) right into the CSV (comma-separated-values) or the Excel. It also imports from the CSV Load to the new data of the objects, whether custom or built-in that has a strong duplicate checking. It will enable to update the CSV Update to the fields of an existing data records right from the CSV data.

It also reduces the duplicate checking on the import optionally and whenever the duplicates is detected, the user can always choose to update the current record or even reject the duplicate. The strong and metadata-driven ensures that error is checked to ensure that all the imported data do match the expected data types while preventing data corruption. This will always make it work perfectly when using making it one of the available options for the people who want to use it.

What are the key benefits of the Apsona Salesforce?

The following are among the benefits that you need to know

You need to know that they are easy to create since you should only understand the salesforce objects as well as their relationships. This means that you do not need to hire experts to assist you make it and through this, you will be in a position to save money that many people often otherwise spend when hiring the experts. Once you create it, you will use it to report complex reports for the people who need them and this makes it very convenient for those people who may have hard time making sure that you get the best options that exist for the people who would like to increase their sales remarkably.

It is quick and has a user-friendly interface. This means that you will always create a report of sales within the shortest duration when using. You also do not need coding when using it or any other complex technical platform thus making it the people’s option. With it, you do not need to manage or create report types, when compared to other Salesforce reports. This makes it very easy to apply since you will work within your Salesforce that works in real time and does not need to download the external database when compared to many other products in the market.

It also fully browser-based and this means that you do not need any software to download any of the browser plugins when using it. This has been the main reason why many people often prefer it when compared to many other options that exists in the market. It also integrates seamlessly with the Document as well as Mail Merge when using it and thus making it the best option that exist in the market. It also works with the Salesforce editions, the Group Edition among many other solutions that exist in any market.Find out how to check salesforce edition.

It works with most of the editions that Supports Group, Enterprise, Professional, and the unlimited editions of salesforce.com. This means that it entirely browser-based and works within the salesforce.com of the browser window, not forgetting that it relies purely on the browser technology with no Java, Flash, or other plugins. It also supports most of the browsers that works with the Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera, and Internet Explorer if you install them.

You will also need minimal application requirements of only two VisualForce pages that you will get in your salesforce.com system. You need to know that is very easy to maintain if you want to look for the best options that exist in the market. This has been the main reason why many people prefer using when compared to other options that exists in the market.

In conclusion, above information on Apsona Salesforce should help you understand the importance and benefits of the application when looking for ways of improving sales in the best way possible. This should help you redefine your ability to make routine data management activities or tasks on the Salesforce much easier when compared to other options. Related data management can be found on importing data into salesforce page.

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