Google Launches AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

  Many marketers are using Google AdWords to launch campaigns and boost sales. Although companies will often see an increase in sales, they may have a hard time linking the sale back to it’s AdWord source. This is the reason why Google is introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce. (It would be nice if there

8 Clever Salesforce Insights I Found This Week on Twitter

A lot of wisdom can be put in a few words, and the awesome Salesforce admins on Twitter prove it.  This social network is filled with clever insights, from the latest trends and technologies to the most current issues, which guarantee that you’ll stay focused on the most up-to-date material. These 8 tweets I stumbled

Salesforce Loses Customer Data. Will Salesforce Lose Customers?

Last week some Salesforce clients were unable to access their data due to a database failure. Salesforce reassured customers that only a small percentage of customers were affected from the database failure, while majority were widely unaffected.   When Salesforce attempted to fix the file, which was thought to be a file integrity issue, the

Salesforce Lightning is Now Available for Marketing

Earlier this year Salesforce introduced Lightning to its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Now Salesforce is ready to add Marketing Cloud Lightning to the mix. The Marketing Cloud includes tools and solutions for advertising, emails, mobile and many other marketing tools. The added aspect of Lightning for Marketing is meant to streamline interactions with customers

Salesforce Delivers Field Service Lightning, Redefining Field Service for the Connected Era

Salesforce is debuting an original product called Field Service Lightning, a platform for linked devices offered under its Service Cloud. Salesforce has released several field service products over the years, but this is the first that has been built with the expectation that it will be a reality in field service operations in the near

Super Six Pack: Must-Have Apps from AppExchange

AppExchange has thousands of apps to offer Salesforce users. It’s just like downloading a mobile app or a mobile game- sometimes you know exactly what you want, and sometimes you just scroll around looking for something fresh. So how do you know which app to pick? When it comes to Salesforce apps, picking the wrong

Infographic: How to Win at Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

There are so many marketing, sales and customer service strategies out there that you can’t help but wonder: “how to pick the best one for me?” Is there even a ‘best’ strategy, or is the ‘right’ strategy – the one that fits best with your business- is the one you should look for? This infographic

Infographic: Improve Performance With Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Over the past couple of months I’ve written quite a lot about the Wave Analytics Cloud platform. It’s a great, flexible feature with an intuitive design that can be loads of fun (if you’re into it, of course…) to play with. That being said, translating data into sales isn’t easy, and it requires more than

Salesforce Tutorial Online Guide

Salesforce is considered the Customer Relationship Management Solution with the largest demand in the market. This CRM runs on the platform which can help in reducing the development cost and also can deliver the application in comparatively shorter time frame. What is Salesforce? The right Salesforce training material might provide you with the idea

The Complete Salesforce Tutorial for Developers

If you are a Salesforce developer or you are preparing for the Developer Exam then you will agree that sometimes things can be a little bit stressful. No matter how good or experienced you might be with the Salesforce CRM things might still get a little bit tough for you and so you need