Breaking Down the Salesforce Summer 14 Release

The Salesforce Summer 14 release has everyone buzzing. The new features allows you to be productive on the go. Nothing is really better than being able to connect to your customers in a completely new way. This new release makes it easy, cost effective and convenient to sell, market, service and innovate with ease. Give your business operation the feel it has never had before.

Salesforce Summer 14 Breakdown

Run Your Business From Your Phone There are times when you are not in office and still need to get work done. Now, with Salesforce mobile apps, you can stay productive no matter where you are. With Salesforce 1 mobile app, you can sell from anywhere and service customers from everywhere. In addition, Salesforce 1 mobile app makes it easy to market one on one to customers. You can even stay up to date on the most important business records, conversations and activities while out of your office. With Salesforce 1 mobile app, business owners can view and manage customers’ information from their handheld devices. Salesforce 1 is a number world’s most popular and connected business application. This app is available for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Smart Phones and Blackberry. Salesforce has further customized the application to give you a better user experience. It has CRM objects businesses use the most. These include accounts, opportunities, cases and campaigns. The application also includes file analytics and all offline data. Salesforce 1 mobile application has applications from the Salesforce app exchange. This Salesforce Summer 14 allows you to bring any canvas into Salesforce 1. This will help to connect you to your back end data. In Summer 14, Salesforce is delivering over 30 mobile applications that will make it easy for you to run your business from your mobile phone. The new canvas app allows you to run background applications. Salesforce 1 canvas app now allows users to integrate their third-party website applications with the Salesforce 1 mobile application. You can navigate through the application at anytime without having to login repeatedly. The Salesforce 1 mobile app has dashboard drilldowns, whose aim is to give you deeper insights from your charts and dashboards. You can work offline too. There is no need to get worried when in case you lose your connection. Salesforce 1 mobile app allows you to work offline. You can view, manage and update data just like someone connected to the internet. The Exact Marketing Targeting Cloud This is a new Salesforce update, which enables marketing and sales to collaborate using a CRM data and an email marketing application. It has a real time analytics that gives sales and marketing professionals instant access to customers’ engagement levels. All data is available within your account, which means your data can go with you wherever you are. It is now easy for sales and marketers to connect with customers and make suitable decisions like never before. The sales force app social enables you to access social platforms where you can have access to millions of customers from any device. This solution provides sales and marketers suitable target options to reach customers conveniently. With Exact Target Marketing Cloud feature, sales and marketers can predict and deliver product, service or content to any client in real time. The business rule available in this feature makes it easy and convenient for marketers to promote a brand or recommend products. The rules manager gives marketers the ability to leverage campaign specific rules. This will help them influence predictive content in electronic mails and websites. The Exact Target Marketing Cloud enables you to empower customers to make spread purchasing decision. You can utilize a drag and drop canvas to create a guidance-selling tool for your customers. This new feature enables you to create exciting and engaging website and mobile experiences and deliver personalized recommendation without interrupting the users. The Exact Target Marketing Cloud enables you to message your users when they get close to a designated location like your retail store. These features enable marketers to create multiple locations using search functionality. With the unique location search functionality, you can prevent users from creating multiple locations with the same name. This feature has mobile connectors, which enables marketers to connect with customers on their mobile devices. This feature now supports Multi Media Service so you can include videos, images and audio to keep your customers engaged on their mobile phones. Service Cloud Salesforce 1 makes it easy to close cases faster than ever before on your mobile phone. You can even respond to a social case any time in Salesforce 1 using your right from your mobile phone. With the knowledge search option in Salesforce 1, marketers can search for articles right from their mobile phones and deliver answers to customers whether they are in or out of office. With such an option, employees can offer friction services irrespective of their location. You can empower you agents by giving them the right information at any time. It is simple to do this. Add related list to the sidebar console. Your agents will quickly find the relevant information you provide. The features from the Salesforce Summer 14 release enables you to find the right answer with suggested search easily. There is a knowledge suggestion that pops up when you type in your question. Once an agent types in or identifies the right keyword or questions, they can click on it to be directed to the related post based on their search term or question. The Salesforce Summer 14 service cloud has the right features that can connect customers to different experts. This helps customers to get answers instantly through a live chat system. Generally, customers can get their cases solved faster than never before. With Knowledge share feature or component, agents can deliver answers faster to customers and in context. You can even build, brand and deploy a service support site for your customers with the features from Sthe Salesforce Summer 14 release.
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