Can you feel the heat? July’s top Salesforce articles

It’s that time of the month again! July brought sweltering heat and weekend vacations, and fortunately a whole lot of great Salesforce articles as well. As usual, I’ve put together a list of what I believe to be the most relevant and useful Salesforce-related articles from around the web in July for your reading pleasure. I’m not a hero – I’m just doing my job. Enjoy!

How Salesforce keeps its release mojo by making everyone a product designer

This enlightening piece discusses the change methodology that’s made Salesforce so adaptive to evolving needs and changing business norms. Joe McKendrick elaborates on the unique notion that everyone within Salesforce plays a part in product design, regardless of their specialty. Product managers can learn a thing or two from this holistic approach to product management.  

How Nestle Is Cozying Up to Salesforce With New Digital Lab

In a rather unusual maneuver, Nestle has opened a digital lab within Salesforce’s Manhattan office, making it the first permanently hosted on-site client of the CRM powerhouse. Both Nestle and Salesforce will benefit from this exciting new partnership, and it will be interesting to see if this sets into motion a trend of large clients moving on-site for more hands-on guidance from Salesforce.   [pardot-form width=”100%” height=”350px” id=”853″ title=”Rainforce Middle Form”]  

Introducing Our Summer 2016 Class of Salesforce MVPs

Salesforce does this cool thing where they name a select group of outstanding employees “Summer Salesforce MVPs.” MVPs are recognized for their “leadership, expertise, and ongoing contributions in the Salesforce Community. These individuals contribute through various channels in the Salesforce ecosystem.” Check out the summer ’16 MVP list!  

Salesforce will only support Nexus and Samsung Galaxy phones to avoid Android fragmentation

To avoid blowing oodles upon oodles of money supporting the countless Android operating systems in the mobile world, Salesforce has made the rather controversial decision to only support specific Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy devices for its upcoming Salesforce1 app, to be released later this year. Though the company hasn’t given much detail about their reasoning, the decision has been confirmed. Check out Ina Fried’s article for a concise and clear explanation of what the move will mean to smartphone users worldwide.  

A Salesforce Admin’s Life In 9 GIFs

How about a little comic relief? I’ve found that I’m often a bit too serious on this blog, so I’ve been spending time thinking of creative and entertaining posts to keep things lighter. Here’s one of my favorites – an effort to capture the trials of a Salesforce admin’s life in 9 GIFs. photo-1454165804606-c3d57bc86b40 (1)  

Google’s Android has gotten so out of control that $55 billion Salesforce had to take drastic measures

Back to the serious stuff. In this article, Matt Weinberger compliments Ina Fried’s article (above) about Android’s decision to operate only on select systems. This piece goes into greater depth about the Google fragmentation that’s led Salesforce to take such an unorthodox measure. If you really want to understand what’s behind the decision, follow along as Weinberger provides graphics, statistics, and clear illustrations of what went wrong and why Salesforce had to act fast.

Salesforce to acquire data center optimization startup Coolan

Salesforce’s recent acquisition of data-center optimization startup Coolan shows just how willing the company is to do whatever it takes to keep the infrastructure of its CRM software as strong and updated as possible. Coolan has developed a platform for data center hardware analysis and optimization that will help Salesforce operate more efficiently and reliably. Check out John Ribeiro’s breakdown of the deal and what it means to Salesforce’s functionality.

Salesforce would have outbid Microsoft for LinkedIn, Benioff says

Despite the fact that LinkedIn was just acquired by Microsoft Corp. for a whopping $26.2 billion, Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff has come forward and said that Salesforce would have paid even more for the social networking company had talks not been cut short. Check out Rachael King’s breakdown of exactly what Salesforce was willing to cough up, and why it all fell apart.

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