Salesforce MVP Roy Gilad’s Tip of the Month

Naming conventions are very common in the domain of programming , but you should definitely start use naming convention in your Declarative logic as well.  This will keep things organized and help your peers know where everything stands. The way I found best for naming declarative tools: Workflow, Process Builder, Filed Update and even an

Yesware Salesforce Review

Yesware Salesforce is an essential tool used for emailing designed for salespeople to make their sales and marketing activities more productive. It is deal for salespersons sending a lot of emails and need to keep the emails relevant to clients at the same time. Yesware Salesforce Review Functions of Yesware Mostly used to track emails,

Velocify Salesforce Review

Velocify Salesforce enables your sales department to put more of their energy in selling as it provides solutions for most of the sales tasks. To effectively turn the leads made by the sales team into actual sales, you’ll want to consider this application. The software stands out because of the millions of leads it has assisted

Salesforce Territory Management – Best Practices

Salesforce Territory Management is an account sharing system that, based on the account characteristics, permits access to accounts. Companies are able to structure Salesforce users and data just as they would their territories of sales. Should a company have a sharing model that is private, users will need to be granted access, this is to

Servicemax Salesforce Review

Servicemax Salesforce is a solution for field management. The software service is mobile and has been used all over the world by numerous nations. This end to end application is highly automated and it combines both sales and services and makes them a single entity and improves management of field services that have been in most

How to Create Record Types in Salesforce – Taskray Salesforce Review

This is a Taskray Salesforce review that is geared for those individuals that may be perhaps in the dark over the benefits this application offers. In essence, Taskray happens to be a highly specialized project management app that permits for the effectual tracking, management and communication of any project or task that teams within an

Salesforce Graphics Pack Review

I’ve been wanting to discuss the Salesforce Graphics Pack for those individuals that may still be in the dark over this amazing functionality. Like the ancient Chinese used to proclaim “one picture is often worth more than ten thousand words”, and so rightly so. Most especially when it comes to the effective utilization of CRM

Invoiceit Salesforce Review

Invoiceit Salesforce is a cloud based software that can be supported in Mobile Web App, iPhone and iPad. The tool has been made to serve large, small and medium sized business enterprises. It supports four languages and is available in several countries.As you well know, Salesforce provides  customers with business products that are nothing short of

Gainsight Salesforce Review

Gainsight Salesforce allows you to scale your business teams and manage them. This can be done via workflow automation. Consider Gainsight Salesforce if you want to: Retain your customers Grow your business and Transform that business to suit your customer needs. Because of how Gainsight for Salesforce is designed, it comes in very handy for

Map Anything Salesforce Review

The Map Anything Salesforce application is something that you should consider if you want to take your business to another level.  You can use it to map all your leads, contacts, and accounts based on their geographical locations. This in turn ensures that you and your employees will be able to market to them based on