Salesforce Service Cloud Review

Salesforce service cloud can be described as a customer support solution that can be used by businesses to deliver faster and more responsive service across multiple channels from social networks to the contact center. It allows businesses to interact with their customers on social sites such as Twitter or Facebook in a bid to make

How DupeBlocker Salesforce Works

Dupeblocker Salesforce is a solution that is used by several organizations all over the world. It is used for real time duplication. It works with large databases. It is usually installed directly by the Salesforce organization. It allows for the administrators to duplicate scenarios based on systems actions and custom fields. It can be easy

Salesforce DemandTools Reviewed

Salesforce DemandTools is a yet another highly advanced system for Salesforce which is highly capable to control, verify, standardize, manipulate, deduplicate and import various files from Salesforce. It was launched back in late 2004, and since then it has been one of the most popular and most consistent leaders for Salesforce data solutions. It is

Cirrus Salesforce Integration

Cirrus Salesforce integration is one of the most talked about topics in the CRM circles these days. You may be in sales, in marketing; you may even be in service or support. But the unquestionable fact which remains is that you talk to your customers using Gmail but you manage your customers in Salesforce. The

Evernote for Salesforce Review

In order to do your sales work effectively, your team needs to have a lot of information about prospective clients along with other updated information from other team members and Evernote for Salesforce can easily assist you with that. The combination of Salesforce and Evernote allows you get the features of both of these productivity

Mailchimp for Salesforce Review

With the growing need for email marketing solutions, and the pretty global need for competent CRM solutions, it’s no surprise that many people are rapidly embracing the MailChimp for Salesforce extension. For a long time, the internet was abuzz with people requesting this sort of official interoperability so that they could get the most out