Coveo for Salesforce Now Available on the AppExchange

Coveo launched late year “Coveo for Salesforce”, an app that is geared at changing the way people look at service performance (the application is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange). The way the application works is that it basically “reads” case info and after doing so, it recommends experts and relevant content in order for each case to be solved as soon and as effective as possible by the agent, regardless of where the info is residing. The program is embedded in the Salesforce Service Cloud UI. What Coveo actually managed to do is overcome the epic challenge that is the fragmentation of information. It managed to do so in the enterprise systems, the cloud and social media by assembling instantly and then presenting the most relevant info based on the context of the user. The service is basically configured for Service Cloud specifically and it’s also very well embedded in Salesforce and the special thing about it is that it solves the problem of users having to leave Salesforce to look for data from throughout the entire Salesforce infrastructure, as well as having to access info from a variety of other systems. Because agents are very well trained in order to solve customer challenges, they can now take advantage of the new system and do their job even better, while at the same time manage to increase buyer satisfaction and reduce costs. Coveo received last month the TMC CUSTOMER 2012 Product of the Year Award. Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communication at Coveo, Diane Berry, said that the company wanted to launch their application in order to help out customer service departments do their job more efficiently in a way that really matters. TMC CEO Rich Tehrani said that companies who want to implement this system will immediately start seeing the benefits which not only consist of more satisfied customers, but also improved ROI. For those who want to know more about Coveo, they should know that because of its Unified Indexing and Insight platform, people around the social enterprise can now share and also access fragmented information in a completely new way. The system brings together fragmented and collective info from cloud, on-premise and social based systems and makes it actionable for everyone. By connecting individuals to relevant content and then people, the result is a shorter sales cycle, better sales and improved customer service. With its advanced platforms, it manages to create a virtual integration layer by normalizing and then federating unstructured and structured data. In total, there are more than four hundred companies and 2 million people worldwide using Coveo to achieve their business goals, with some of the biggest names being SunGard, GEICO, L’Oreal Switzerland, CA Technologies and more. For those who would like to know more about this, they should visit  
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