How To Create A Custom Object In Salesforce

If you want to know how to create a custom object in Salesforce, you need to understand what an object is. The database tables in Salesforce are called objects. The objects are of two types: custom and standard. Unwrap a fresh Sales org and you will get standard objects, such as Cases, Contacts and Accounts. By default, Salesforce doesn’t offer functions appropriate for your business. So, you need to create custom objects based on your needs. In this situation, you can learn how to go about creating custom objects in Salesforce by following Salesforce tutorials.


Learn How To Create A Custom Object In Salesforce

Suppose you are working on developing an app that has a section to track automobile repairs and relevant expenses. We will create two custom objects for it: one for tracking vehicle details and the other for tracking the relevant repair details.


Creating a Custom Object: Steps

Learning how to create a custom object in Salesforce is simple. We have learnt this after best Salesforce training, and now we are giving out these tutorials for free of charge. Let’s work on Repairs, the first object.

1. Sign into your Salesforce developer org and click Setup> Create > Objects. 2. On the page top, click on New Custom Object for starting the wizard. 3. Enter Repairs in the Label field. 4. Enter Repairs in the Plural Label area. 5. Write a brief description of the object in the Description area. 6. Make the following changes to the Enter Record Name Label as well as the Format Section: •For Data Type, pick Auto Number • For Display Format, write Repair-{000000} • For Starting Number, write 1 7. For the Optional Features, tick the boxes for Track Field History, Allow activities and Allow Reports 8. For the Object Classification, check all the boxes. 9. For the Object Creation Options, tick the boxes. We are done with the first custom object, hit the Save button now.

Creating the second object in Salesforce

You need to repeat the same procedure to create another custom object for tracking vehicles. Everything is the same except the following changes: • Tab Style: Choose Keys when choosing a tab style • Record Name: In this field, you will enter the name of the vehicle. So, just leave this as text rather than Auto Number. • Object Name: For the Object Name, you should choose Automobiles. Viewing Our Custom Objects

Now that you have learnt how to create a custom object in Salesforce, you can view your custom objects in the Objections area of Sales. The standard objects, on the other hand, are found under the menu called Customize. If you take a look at your fresh custom objects, what you will notice is that you don’t have much to see.


The settings on the page top were configured by you, and three fields were created by Salesforce: Name field, Last Modified By, and Created By. What you have done is creating custom objects in Salesforce. The box doesn’t have anything yet. Here you need to keep in mind that the object is no connection with any other object. Custom fields need to be created to make these objects useful, which will be used for tracking date relevant to vehicles and repairs and make a link with other objects.


Hopefully, now you have a pretty good idea as to how to create a custom object in Salesforce. If you have read this article and watched many Salesforce tutorials, you can easily create a custom object.

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