The most anticipated Salesforce conference of the year is happening NOW, and I’m here to keep you updated on all the exciting news by blogging live updates!

Make sure you stop by booths  440 & 1840, meet the incredible WalkMe team and #ExperienceWalkMe!


October 7th 12:50pm

The WalkMe team rocks out booth 1840!



October 7th 12:33pm

Last day of Dreamforce: branded Day of Compassion,with inspiring keynotes from artists and innovators. To top that off, the Zen monks and nuns of Plum Village Monastery engage the audience with a powerful speech on kindness, compassion and love, ending with a meditation session.



October 7th 10:21am

Oh no! Astro is down!


October 6th 1:30pm

WalkMe booth 1840 is on FIRE!


October 6th 1:14pm

A new cloud is born! The Salesforce Commerce Cloud, born from one of Salesforce’s more recent acquisitions, Demandware, is officially introduced by Jeff Barnett, former Demandware EVP and Salesforce Commerce Cloud CEO. With Commerce Cloud, Salesforce aims to transform how they connect with their customers at every step in the journey: from discovery, engagement, and transaction to analytics, community and service. Follow #HelloCommerceCloud for more info!



October 5th 3:06pm

Salesforce EVP, Product &Solution Marketing Stephanie Buscemi presents a mind-blowing demo of Salesforce Einstein, using the new AI features with Service Cloud, Wave and Marketing cloud and leaving the audience in awe.













October 5th 2:05pm

Salesforce’s Einstein comes to life to share the stage with Marc Benioff and Parker Harris!

October 5th 1:39pm

“Why do we come to Dreamforce? Our customers…That’s why we’re in this room, and that’s what we’re gonna learn this week – how to connect to our customers in a whole new way.”


October 5th, 1:15pm


Minutes before the Opening Keynote with Marc Benioff -everyone is coming together as a family, OHANA.


October 5th, 9:55 am

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is now being presented during the Financial Services Keynote. It’s promised to “Help banks turbo charge their relationship managers.’ It’s the company’s first industry product for financial services, where they successfully reimagined what financial service people should and could be doing with Salesforce. With Predictive Journeys, Financial Services Cloud will bridge the generational gap. Bank of America’s Catherine Bessant further discussed the challenges banks are facing at the age of the engaged customer.


October 5th, 9:12am

“Speaking the language of our customers has become part of our strategy.”

Keith Block, President and COO at Salesforce, now gives the Financial Services keynote. After thanking customer partners for driving Salesforce to focus more on customer success and inspiring their innovations. He mentioned how from a 4 billion dollar company 3 years ago, Salesforce is now an 8 billion dollar company. By 2020, he says, Salesforce will have an impact of almost 400 billion dollars, creating 2 million jobs!


October 5th, 8:10am

Salesforce XD is being introduced now, by Wade Wegner, VP Product Management at Salesforce.  Looks like integration with automated software will be much simpler now.


October 4th, 15:40pm

A full Partner Theater 3 listens to CenturyLink’s awesome success story with WalkMe!


October 4th, 14:42pm

Pro tip time at the Admin theater!

October 4th, 14:31pm

Action at the WalkMe booth!


October 4th, 11:07am

George Colony  just announced an “existential crisis,”FYI. In his speech, he mentions how we are now in “the age of the customer,” who is characterized by willingness to experiment and high connectivity to mobile devices. The customer becomes more powerful and more dynamic, and nowadays, the road to revenue growth goes through great customer experience.



October 4th, 11:00am

Are you up-to-date on all the Dreamforce parties that await us in the upcoming days? Here’s the FULL LIST of times, locations and hosts.


October 4th, 10:24am

Adam Seligman, Salesforce’s EVP, App Cloud at Salesforce, helps us through Lightning onboarding, and introduces Salesforce’s new improvements for developers.






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