Evernote for Salesforce Review

In order to do your sales work effectively, your team needs to have a lot of information about prospective clients along with other updated information from other team members and Evernote for Salesforce can easily assist you with that. The combination of Salesforce and Evernote allows you get the features of both of these productivity apps together. With this combination you and your team will be able to complete tasks in a very smart way. As we all know, the information is the king for sales and if you have more information about any subject, you increase your chances of closing the deal. With Evernote for Salesforce you can get more information at a centralized location about your possible customers and your team members input as well. With Salesforce, you can get all the media rich information about a future client and Evernote can help you with the information or records that other team members collected earlier for any of the possible future clients. Also, if you will integrate your Evernote notes with Salesforce, then you will be able to access these notes and other details every time when you will login to your Salesforce account. Also, all this information will remain available at all the client meetings as well. Also, with this handy information you will be able to communicate with your clients a much more informative manner and you will find it easier to close your deal in a shorter time. Other than this, if you are using Evernote and Salesforce together, then you will be able to take the advantage of the work that other team members did earlier in their project. That means if someone did some research for any particular project, then you will not need to do the same research again and you will be able to save your valuable time. Also, Evernote can help you share your resources to other team members in a great way and with Salesforce, your team members can easily share information between sales teams, support team, and executives as well. In case you are a sales manager, then also this integration of Evernote with Salesforce can help you in your work. With the help of this integration, a sales manager can track all the details that their team members are collecting from their possible clients. The good thing about this information update is that a manager can get all these details in his chatter field. Other than this, a manager can also add his own comments or guidelines for team members in this field. So, in short we can say that this integration of Evernote and Salesforce will help you greatly in your business development and your sales team will be able to do work in a great way. Also, Evernote for Salesforce can help you save your time as well along with better collaboration, streamlined communication and better customer satisfaction, which is extremely important for success of any business.  
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