Finding and Resetting Your Security Token in Salesforce

When accessing Salesforce from outside of your company’s trusted networks, you must add a security token to your password to log in to a desktop customer, such as Connect for Workplace, Connect for Outlook, Connect for Lotus Notes, Connect Offline, or the Data Loader. New security tokens are immediately sent out to you when your Salesforce password is altered or when you ask for to reset your security token. You can not reset the token straight, as the administrator. Nonetheless, administrators have ways to make this occur. As an administrator, you might:. ¬†Adding a Security Token in Salesforce
  • Reset the user’s password and have them log in; they’ll be emailed a brand-new token after setting their password.
  • Get the user’s password and login as them.
  • Call setPassword on the user, therefore giving you the capability to log in as them and then reset their password.
  • Modification the user’s e-mail to your own, reset the password, login, and you’ll have a brand-new token (a token is provided when a permanent password is set).
  • Make use of the login gain access to provided by the person to adjust their security token.
Organizations Administrators that have “Administrators can sign in to any user” can likewise make use of login access to reset the token. Note that in all cases, it will be sent out to the e-mail address on file; there’s no way to reveal the token in the UI. In many cases, the administrator needs to ruin the user’s password as part of the reset process. Just by logging in as the user legitimately (either login gain access to or with the user’s password) can they prevent destroying the existing password. If you want to access through the API , you have to either the security token along with your sign in credentials, or perhaps stipulate the Internet protocol address ranges associated with a machines that’ll be opening Salesforce. Using Security Token in Salesforce If you want to utilize a security token, you’ll get in the security token when you specify the Salesforce link in Informatica Cloud. The token ought to be copied and pasted into the Security Token field in the Connection Information page:. If you do not have your Salesforce security token, you will should reset it. To do this, follow the instructions below. Resetting Your Security Token in Salesforce
  • Sign in to Salesforce
  • Choose Setup from your user menu
  • Inside the My Individual Info area, click on the “Reset your security token” option
  • Click on the Resetting security token in salesforce option
  If you cannot access the security token in Salesforce link properties, you should add the IP varies for Informatica Cloud servers, in addition to the Internet protocol address of all devices operating the Informatica Cloud Secure Representative.  
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