Gainsight Salesforce Review

Gainsight Salesforce allows you to scale your business teams and manage them. This can be done via workflow automation.

Consider Gainsight Salesforce if you want to:

  • Retain your customers
  • Grow your business and
  • Transform that business to suit your customer needs.

Because of how Gainsight for Salesforce is designed, it comes in very handy for any business that utilized the subscription model. You can use the product to maximize the lifetime value of your clients, by enhancing your visibility and retaining the clients.

Gainsight for Salesforce has a number of design features that are worth considering. You may want to pay attention to them.

Native Salesforce Integration

Gainsight is probably the only product of its kind that offers you native Salesforce Integration. That ensures that you can use the product within your Salesforce-based business seamlessly. The data you access due to this seamless integration will therefore, be in real time and more accurate.

Gainsight, which natively integrates with Salesforce, is able to take advantage of all the Salesforce data and information with ease. This cuts down on the work you need to do to synchronize Salesforce data with Gainsight. In addition, you will be able to utilize the Salesforce firewall to enhance security. Security authentication will be done easily as a result. There is no need for you to buy another product for that purpose.


You cannot underestimate the Customer360 feature in Gainsight Salesforce. The feature enables you to access customer data from multiple sources so that you can consolidate it for analysis. This ensures that you are able to get a 360-degree view of your clients, which will then help you make accurate decisions on how to meet their needs.

You will be able to get access to information regarding customer sentiments, customer usage trends, and executive relationships using Customer360. You will also be able to access your clients’ attributes from marketing data sources like Pardot and Eloqua.

You can then embed your Customer360 view within the Sales or support view so that you can be able to sell your products or attend to your clients, when the time comes. This will help you in the retention of your clients as well as the growth of your business.

Multiple Integration Capabilities

While there is no doubt that the Gainsight Salesforce product has been designed for native integration with Salesforce, it also has additional integration capabilities.

In order for you to maximize the value from other existing systems, you can use Gainsight to extract key points from software such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. You could also integrate the product with account and billing software including NetSuite and Zuora.

Gainsight can also be integrated with customer usage software like Google Analytics. If that is not enough, the software can be integrated with support systems like Zendesk.

Because of its multiple integration capabilities, Gainsight will enable you to access business data and information from multiple sources without the need to purchase individual products of that nature. Your business will benefit by saving money.

4-D Analytics

The 4-D Analytics feature of Gainsight Salesforce will be instrumental in helping you analyze the consolidated customer data in order to determine your customer health.

Through Gainsight, you will be able to access data statistics, from usage platforms such as Google Analytics. You will also be able to obtain marketing and financial data regarding your business and clients. Some of the data would have already been partially analyzed already.

What Gainsight will do is to combine all these individual statistics in order to produce a report of analyzed data from a large perspective. That way, you will be able to get a clear view of every business aspect.

The 4-D analytics utilizes various tools to come up with a complete analysis of your business data. These include matrix data architecture, cohort analytics, data science service, and LTV analytics among other things.


Gainsight for Salesforce offers automation as an integral aspect of its overall design. Automation is instrumental in cutting down the time required to perform tasks. This in turn cuts down business expenses, and enhances revenue.

Gainsight offers email automation services. You will also be able to take advantage of the automated native surveys as well as alert mechanisms that are available. Events, playbook and workflows as well as sponsor tracking are also automated. Even success snapshots are automated, which makes your business work much simpler.

Mobile-device Adaptability

The world has become increasingly mobile, which is why your business needs to consider the mobile market. Gainsight for Salesforce can be used not just within computers but also on mobile devices.

Currently, you will be able to take advantage of the Gainsight mobile application. This can be used in mobile devices that utilize Android or Apple iOS.


You will be able to deploy Gainsight for Salesforce as a SaaS.

Support Options

Gainsight offers your business a number of support options. You can select the ones you prefer whenever you need help.

Your first stop should be the knowledge base, which has a number of FAQ and the corresponding answers. You may also ask for help from the online community. There is a forum platform for that purpose.

When your attempts to get information fail, then you should consider the additional options that exist for your benefit. Gainsight offers support via phone, email, or chat. One of these will give you the answers you are looking for.


While Gainsight for Salesforce does not offer a free version, it comes with a free trial offer. You can take advantage of the offer to determine whether your business will benefit from the product or not.

Pricing is based on the per user per month model. You will be required to pay an entry-level set up fee. Premium consulting services are also available at a fee.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Gainsight offers you plenty of beneficial features for your use. You can use the product to get a 360-degree customer view, cut down risk, increase business productivity, and revenue. You should consider purchasing Gainsight Salesforce for your business needs because it provides a huge ROI.
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