GREAT VIDEO: Salesforce Power of One Tutorial

The Power of One is one of the most revered formulas in Salesforce. It brilliantly solves one of the biggest problem with Salesforce reports- the user’s inability to distinguish account types (i.e.  Users, Accounts, Opportunities…) within the grand total of records. Without the ability to tell one from the other, your only chance of making the numbers add up and make sense is to go over the records one by one… and doing that with hundreds of records on a daily basis is, well, ah…   It’s just wrong, y’know?    There are some great blog posts about how to use the Power of One formula- on of them, Brent Downey’s post, was featured here a couple of times as an example of a great Salesforce tip post. But some users still struggled with it. To make life even easier on you, I turned to the almighty YouTube for help and found this great video guide by Sielo– a step by step tutorial on the Power of One.   Hope it helps!
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