Hiring a Salesforce Admin? Here’s What You Need to Know

  As we all know, managing a company-wide Salesforce implementation is no walk in the park.   Depending on the number of users and the various complexities of the platform, it can be a lot to keep up with. Hiring a Salesforce administrator may be just the right answer.  

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What is a Salesforce Administrator?

  A Salesforce admin is someone who can fluently speak both the language of your organization and knows all of the Salesforce lingo and updates. They are a champion for your organization and have a deep understanding about how Salesforce can serve each department and employee that uses it.   When it comes to anything Salesforce-related for your company, they are your knight in shining armour.  

When Does an Organization Need a Salesforce Administrator?

  Many organizations have an unofficial part-time Salesforce guru or who does not necessarily carry the title of “Salesforce Administrator.” And, for that organization, that might be enough.   However, there are some reasons hiring a full-time Salesforce administrator is worth it. If one of the following scenarios are relevant to your organization, you should consider hiring a Salesforce Admin.   Hiring Salesforce Administrator   You might need a Salesforce Admin if:  

Salesforce is an integral part of multiple departments

  When Salesforce is an integral part of multiple departments and each one needs to know how to optimize their use of the platform an Admin will know which tools and practices are best suited for each team. You may even consider having one admin per department for a more streamlined process.  

Your organization has a lot of Salesforce users

  A Salesforce best practices document suggests that if you have over 30 users on the platform, you should have at least one admin. Smaller companies, however, can probably get away with having someone who is dedicated to Salesforce part-time.  

You expect a complex implementation

  When your Salesforce implementation is going to be complex, it helps to have someone who is a reliable go-to person for questions about the platform and the best ways to use it.   But how do you know if your Salesforce implementation is going to be complex? Determine if you are going to be using the “out of the box” version, or if you want it to be customized for your organization.  

Salesforce is more than an e-rolodex

  Admins are certified in Salesforce—which means they are pretty well-versed in all of the valuable ways that Salesforce is there to serve you. With an admin at the helm, you will be using Salesforce more fluidly than ever before.   So, Salesforce administrators sound pretty great, don’t they? They are knowledgeable, they make your organization run more smoothly, and it is their job to be there to help when you need it.   However, despite their expertise, a common misconception is that hiring one admin is enough for one organization.   Much of this depends on your individual organization’s needs, but there are other resources out there that can aid your success.  

Salesforce Administrators May Need Help

  Salesforce Admins can do a lot, but they may require some help when it comes to more complicated coding and user experience issues.   Unlike Salesforce administrators, which are typically full-time fully-integrated members of an organization, solutions architects and developers are hired on an as-needed basis and work more behind the scenes in the coding to change and customize the user interface.   This may include creating customized pages or enhancing the design of the platform. When you want to go above and beyond with your implementation, hiring more than an admin can help you get there.  

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How Much to Invest in a Salesforce Admin

  Salesforce Admin Role   Hiring for Salesforce-specific roles is definitely an expense, but more often than not, is well worth it.   According to Salesforce, the national average salary for a Salesforce administrator is $88,230. Depending on the company and complexity of the implementation, the admin may make more or less.   While it is a cost, having a full-time admin join your team can alleviate a lot of potential confusion or frustration with how the platform works with your organization.   All in all, Salesforce admins are definitely worth looking into. It is a great comfort knowing that your CRM platform is in good hands when under the responsibility of a Salesforce administrator.  

The Virtual Admin

  After presenting the case for an in-house Salesforce admin, it should be noted that there is an additional tool which can smooth the Salesforce experience.   WalkMe’s on-screen guidance acts as a personal Salesforce coach available to each employee from their individual desktops, helping users navigate the complex platform with minimal frustration. This option is especially beneficial for training new employees, cutting training time dramatically.   Best of all worlds? Empower your Salesforce admin with WalkMe and watch your Salesforce productivity soar.  
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.