How to Generate Salesforce Developer Account

If you are planning to use Salesforce, you first have to know how to create Salesforce developer account. It is real easy to open this account if you know the right steps. Furthermore, it will only take you a few minutes to create an account. At Salesforce, you will find free developer edition that allows you to develop application for for free. There are many editions provided by Salesforce to its customers. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you are going to miss an edition that best suits your needs. Each edition has it own unique features that make it be able to serve the specific needs of a particular customer.

Learn The Steps to Create salesforce developer account


Salesforce also provides paid edition to its customers. The paid editions include

1. Contact manager edition .2. Professional edition 3. Group edition 4. Enterprise edition 5. Unlimited edition

Create Salesforce Developer Account

To create a developers account, go to You can type this web address directly on your browser or you can perform a quick search engine search. When you finally get to the page, click on the  JOIN NOW’ link. This will take you to the registration page. Carefully fill in your details. Ensure that your username is in the email format. Fill in all the other details accurately. The details that you will be required to fill in the registration form include your first and last name, your email address, your company name, country and postal code. When you are sure that you have indicated the correct information, click on the sign me up button. The next step is logging in to the email address that you used when filling in the registration form. In your mailbox, you will find a notification from Salesforce with a link that you should use to set your password. Click on the link so that you can set your password. After setting up a password, the registration process is complete. Now you have a Salesforce account. You are in the in the sales for developers edition. You can now use the platform to create new applications or you can customize the standard applications to make them serve the need you want.

However, when you are using the developer edition, you are going to have the following limitations

1. You will have only 5MB data storage space 2. You will have only 5000 API requests allowed in 24 hours period. 3. You will have only 20MB for file storage 4. You will have a 10 minutes service request time limit and 500MB a day bandwidth (for 24 hours) for applications.

When you are using the developer edition, the following licenses will be available to you

-2 Salesforce mobile licenses -2 Salesforce CRM licenses -3 Salesforce platform licenses -5 Salesforce partner licenses -10 Salesforce customer portal licenses   It will take you only a few minutes to get a Salesforce account. You don’t have to part with any money or provide a lot of details to get your account. Therefore, you can register and start building your applications in less than 5 minutes. Now that you know how to create Salesforce developer account, there is nothing else stopping you from creating an account as soon as possible. Further information is available at how to use salesforce page.
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