How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption – Part 1

You’ve just spent a lot of your time and budget into a new Salesforce CRM, but you’re starting to discover that it fails to deliver the promised benefits. One of the common causes for this is that your team members do not fully utilize Salesforce or do not even log into the platform. Thus, your return on investment is diminished, and you’re having a hard time keeping up with the competition. So, how can you encourage self-service and convince people in your organization to switch to Salesforce? In the first article we will offer 5 initial steps that need to be done. 1. Measure the CRM usage – You’ll find several great dashboards and reports at the AppExchange, which enable you to measure people’ activity, how often they do it, and whether it is successful or not. All these are available for free. In addition, make sure to check the adoption dashboards for more personalized stats. 2. Make Salesforce everything that matters – You should try to implement compensation and incentives into your employees’ everyday tasks. For instance, if the donation does not figure in the database, then how will you know that your company actually received it? Also, how are you going to recognize the donor? Make the Salesforce adoption part of your employees’ job description. 3. Promote sharing – How about a monthly user reunion inside your organization in which to promote Salesforce usage? On this reunion you could talk about the new applications and listens to the people’ complains. Make sure that these meetings are fun both for you and your employees. 4. Share Salesforce by yourself – You can easily create a monthly newsletter in which to provide your users with tips and tricks or successful stories. This is one of the great opportunities that you should not miss. 5. Use innovative technology – There are many programs out there which can enhance the way in which users interact with the CRM platform and encourage them to make it part of their daily routine. For instance, WalkMe allows managers to add pre-made walk-thrus to the platform, which will help users solve common tasks with increased ease. This way you’ll not only increase employees’ work efficiency, but you’ll also decrease the training costs. By implementing the above tips, you will be on track for creating a healthy organizational approach to Salesforce. In the next part, we will focus on motivating use of Salesforce using rewards and gamification. Relevant information is available on creating dashboards in salesforce page. Enjoy.
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