How To Mass Email In Salesforce

Sending a mass email in Salesforce is one of the easiest ways to reach the highest number of contacts for businesses. Salesforce, a mass email application has become very useful for many businesses who intend to send emails to a large number of recipients. They might be employees in a large organization or simply customers which can be quite large in number. There are some tips that can help you make the most out of Salesforce and enable your communication process to go smoothly. Some things that you can do to help you along are as follows. Email Online Messaging Social Media Internet Concept

How To Mass Email In Salesforce

Personalizing Your Email

It is possible to create a letterhead in your email that can be used multiple times for communication. It can comprise of your branding colors, logo and an emphasized message such as “URGENT PLEASE”. Salesforce contains an email template capability that allows you to integrate your business letterhead with the mail merge fields. This gives your email a more personalized look. Another option is simply creating a full HTML email that will not require a letterhead.

Monitoring Activity

Salesforce also allows you to monitor activity on your emails. You are able to know the emails that have been delivered and which ones were actually opened. This is very important information because from it you will now if you’re the mass messages you are sending are having any effect on the recipients.

Sending The Mass Email in Salesforce

There are two ways in which you can send mass emails through Salesforce, you can either use the Leads or Contacts tab and choose only the emails under the tools section. You can always use filters when it comes to creating an email list. Always select an email template and review beforehand the number of emails you intend to send and whether you want the action to be posted as a completed activity. Select a delivery option and click on the send button. Remember if you select the option that notifies you when every mass email completes, you will always receive an auto-generated status report from Salesforce every time you send one. Also remember that all attachments in the emails will be sent as links and not physical files. The recipients of the messages will have to click on the links which will open in separate web tabs and enable them to download them. Those attachments that are sent as links via salesforce will only be stored for 30days and after that they will not be accessible.

The Limitation

Despite the effectiveness of sending mass emails through salesforce, there is just one limitation. You are limited when it comes to sending the emails, only 1,000 emails are allowed per 24hours and not more. This maximum number of emails is available only if you have the Salesforce Unlimited Edition. This requires you to divide up your emails and send them in a couple of days if you have more than a thousand contacts. This might be limiting especially if you are running a marketing campaign that has a time limit. You might not reach your intended number of target audience something that can force you to seek other options.


Sending mass email in Salesforce is simply the best thing that ever happened to businesses despite its limitations. This is because it serves its purpose efficiently. Reads interested in learning more about mass email, should visit send mass email in salesforce. Good Luck.
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