Discover How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Today, we will discuss how to send mass email in Salesforce. Knowing how to send a Salesforce mass email is pivotal for your company or organization. Even with a ton of social media outlets available to your team, email remains the best way for you to communicate with customers, leads, partners, donors and even vendors. Keeping people in the loop is critical, and yet simultaneously difficult when someone is tasked with emailing each of these people one-by-one. Can you imagine the days before mass emails? I shudder at the thought. Sending email blasts can be achieved by using the CRM capabilities of Salesforce. However, there are other specialized email applications that might be incorporated to achieve the same. Before looking at the process of how to create a Salesforce mass email, it is critical to keep a few things in mind as detailed below. This is an eleven step process and while it is indeed simple, the details of each step might seem slightly involved at first glance. We would be remiss if we did not mention the responsibility that comes with Salesforce mass email technology, and the ramifications of its misuse. Just like Uncle Ben famously told a young Peter Parker “With great power comes great responsibility”. When setting this system up, be certain that there are not any duplicate entries in any records involved in the email, otherwise it can tax your bandwidth and possibly unintentionally flood inboxes. A quick story. While testing email campaigns I had set up some tests to make sure leads were coming in as expected. When the mass email was send out I received that email more than two hundred times. Now imagine that I was a potential customer. That deal would have been soured right away. You must also be sure you have the following permissions on your account: Mass Email, Manage Users, Edit Tasks. man practicing mass email salesforce tutorial for beginners

How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Step 1 – First, you must choose the type of recipients to whom you would like to send mass email in Salesforce. To mass email to contacts or person accounts, click “Mass Email Contacts” in the “Tools” section at the bottom of the “Contacts or Cases” tabs. To send mass emails in Salesforce to leads, click “Mass Email Leads” in the “Tools” section in stead. To send mass emails in Salesforce to users, click (Your Name)->Setup->Manage Users->Mass Email Users. Step 2 – Select a way to view each list of recipients and click “Go!” Step 3 – The default setting features all of your recipients  selected. in the list view are selected, so take a moment to deselect any recipients you wish to exclude now. Step 4 – Click “Next”. Step 5 – Choose from the available templates. Note that you cannot use Visualforce templates for mass email in Salesforce. Step 6 – You may now preview your template, which is optional but recommended. Click “Preview”, and be sure it looks exactly how you expect it to before proceeding. Step 7 – Click “Next”. Step 8 – You will now be brought to the confirmation page. You may select from the following “Processing Options”: “BCC me on the message”, “Store an activity for each message”, “Use my signature”, and “mass Email name”. Be wise in selections as some of these can flood your activity logs with information you may or may not find to be superfluous. Step 9 – You are now presented with a choice for delivery. You may send it immediately by pressing “Send Now”, or you may provide a date and time for “Schedule for delivery on”, if you wish for a delay before sending. Step 10 – Click “Send” to submit the email job. Step 11 – Click “Finished” to complete!  

The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy by sending mass emails in Salesforce:

  • You will retain your customers without difficulty

  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important task that determines the failure or success of any business. CRM mainly involves managing your relationship with your customers so that you can keep them loyal and also win their trust. Keeping your clients loyal is not as easy as getting new ones. Sending mass emails in Salesforce has enabled businesses to get and to maintain their clients for a long time. Customer service, sales, and marketing are some of the areas which Salesforce focuses on.   Some of the packages that the CRM experts offer to allow you to send unlimited emails to your customers without any of messages being labeled as spam. This way, your customers are able to read the messages in time. As a result, you will develop a better relationship that is necessary for enhancing the customer’s loyalty.  
  • Email tracking

  As a business person, you will need to know the number of emails that were read by customers, the ones that never reached them and the ones that were marked as spam. You can easily achieve this with the use of Salesforce technology. If well utilized Salesforce mass e-mail tracking program will allow you to know when your HTML email reaches your customer. And if you want to learn how to use salesforce, you can rely on the Salesforce training programs which the developer offers. The training aids will help you know whether there are links on the emails which your customers clicked on and on sending mass emails in Salesforce without messing up the system. In addition to tracking your emails, the training aids will help you code up full HTML emails and also include your company header in your emails.  
  • Works perfectly with third party emails

  With Salesforce, you will easily connect your Salesforce customer contacts with the third party ESP and schedule sales reports. This is a great benefit considering that most companies which offer similar services do not allow such links. By linking your Salesforce customer contacts with the third party ESP, you will be able to send more emails.  


Even though this is the best method; it will only enable you to send up to 1,000 emails per day. The day is specifically defined by the Salesforce as a period of 24 hours basing on the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but not your local time. The emails being send comprises of 1,000 unlimited editions, 500 enterprise and 250 professional emails.   It isn’t as complex as it initially looks, as is now obvious. In 11 easy steps, we have seen how to send mass email in Salesforce. For further assistance please refer to Salesforce tutorial for beginners page. Good luck. If your requirements are much more complex than the process, just look for the App exchange. As mentioned above, you need Salesforce training videos for excellent performance. Then you will know how to send mass emails in Salesforce.

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