How to Set Up a Salesforce Campaign

In today’s Salesforce tutorial, we’ll learn about how to use Salesforce campaigns. There is so much information to cover when it comes to campaigns that we will hone in on one particular area; Setting up a campaign.  We will talk about creating campaigns, and through that, show where the campaigns lives in your Salesforce interface.

To start off you must have access to every level of permissions. You should be able to create user accounts, edit, import leads, and perform all basic marketing tasks. (Contact your account admin if you don’t have access to perform these tasks).

How to Set Up a Salesforce Campaign

Step 1.  Select “Campaign” from the “Create New” menu, or click “New” next to “Recent Campaigns” on the campaigns home page. A dialog will appear, allowing you to choose the campaign record type, which affects the layout and your list values.

Step 2.  Pick your ‘member type.’ This will determines how your layout looks to campaign members. Make sure you don’t ignore this step or botch it up; it can look pretty embarrassing if you don’t have the proper description.

Step 3. Enter the information that the dialogue box asks for – which varies depending on the factors leading up to it. Click “Save” or “Save & New” to save the campaign… (you can always edit it afterwards).

The above 3 steps just gets you and running for Salesforce campaign creation. Now that you are set up, play around with all the campaign tools. Next time we will dive into campaign management.

For additional information go to Salesforce tutorial.

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