Jitterbit Salesforce Review

Importing data using Jitterbit Salesforce is quite an experience. However, this becomes a wonderful experience when you use some good and effective data import tools. There exist may data import tools such as informatica data loader and dataloader.io. These tools make importing data quite a good experience. However, data importing gets interesting when you land yourself a good tool. A data import tool will offer you a good platform when adding or updating data to Salesforce. Jitterbit is a data import tool that makes data import thrilling and interesting experience. There are many data import tools that you can use to import data. However, Jitterbit has with time become the favourite for data geeks. This program will not offer you all the advancement and comfort of other tools but you will get a good experience when all you want is to upload data. This is when you base it on the ETL (extract-transform-load) meter that deals with data importing, updating and upgrading only. Jitterbit is available for all to use. This application, just like other data importing applications is a desktop application that is available from the net. You only need to load to Jitterbit site and have a free copy that will help you in data import. In case you need a professional copy that you intend to use for advanced integration functionality, you can opt for the Professional edition that is purchased from the same Jitterbit site.

Jitterbit Functionality

Jitterbit data loader is preferred for its effective functionality. It performs all the core tasks an import tool is supposed to perform such as · Enter new records · Bring up to date existing records · Performing upserts- using ID to match new data to existing data, and entering any new data Jitterbit Salesforce also does the exporting bit where it uses Queries. This allows for selection of fields to be included. It also lets you set conditions to regulate what is being exported. Deleting records is also provided for by Jitterbit. It uses data based on ID to know the Salesforce records that you want deleted. One benefit of using Jitterbit is that this program is intuitive. Moreover, you will have the companionship of wizards in every step of the way to turn to in case you need help. You too will have field mappings that operate on a drag-and-drop basis. An Automap button is also available. What’s more? In case you find a missing field in the Salesforce, you can refresh your meta data regardless of whether you are doing some Field Mapping.

Benefits of Jitterbit Salesforce

Connections Jitterbit allows you to make up multiple connections. You too can inter-switch between your connections. This is especially useful in the case you are using different sandboxes. Scheduling This feature allows you to set a job operation and the job will get done on its own. You are required to indicate the source object and the file you are targeting. You then set up a schedule and the job is executed. Flexibility Apart from importing data into salesforce from your hard drive, Jitterbit allows to connect to a FTP server. It also allows use of MySQL Database or Oracle as target and source files. Jitterbit is therefore a very ideal import tool that you should consider switching to. It is configured to give you a good and easy time to do your importing while at the same time letting you perform complex transformations easily. If you are looking for an import tool, Jitterbit Salesforce is the tool to fall in love with.
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