Key Points to Successful Salesforce User Adoption

When implementing software, you have to do much more than simply running the installation wizard on your server and setting up the access credentials. The final product must be fully ready to be utilized. A large part of the Salesforce user adoption does not imply you to make use of technology. However, the Salesforce user adoption does imply you to get in touch with people. People are the ones using the software, and not vice-versa, so they must be the one fully understanding what they’re required to do and what the new adoption implies.

In order to get the maximum results, consider applying the points below in order to enhance your Salesforce implementation: Training Undoubtedly, training is a vital element when speaking about a new CRM adoption, so it must not be ignored. All employees using Salesforce platforms should be encouraged to take part in online webinars and hands-on classes, but they must be also provided with after training support – by phone, user videos, and training documentation. An organization should do everything it its power to prevent the grounds for “elaborate excuses not to use Salesforce”. Technology Technology is important in any CRM adoption, and especially when we’re talking about advanced platforms such as Salesforce. Therefore, in order to ease the Salesforce user adoption you can take advantage of guiding software such as WalkMe that will accompany the employees until they achieve full Salesforce proficiency. Another useful avenue are gamification apps such as LevelEleven and Bunchball that make work more engaging and fun, and insert “color” into the daily Salesforce routines. Results-driven reports It’s important to set expectations with management regarding the types of reports which are expected out of your Salesforce application. These reports serve an important role in helping managers to track down the progress and productivity level of the sales team. Therefore, once the sales team comprehends that their performance overview is directly related to their use of Salesforce software, you will immediately see a significant gain in your Salesforce user adoption. Track participation In order to improve the Salesforce adoption in your group it’s also vital to work closely with the Salesforce administrator in order to monitor employee use, and identify lack of use and areas of frustration and inconvenience. If you notice users which were not active enough, then encourage them wisely but showing them you understand their concerns. Salesforce gives you the ability to understand users’ participation levels, which could prove very useful in your platform adoption efforts. Once the Salesforce purpose and goals has been defined by the company’s upper management, everyone should understand that they have no way of turning back. It’s vital for every employee inside the company to understand the importance of such implementation, or else the adoption rate is in danger. If some users are more stubborn about the change than the others and could possibly influence them, then it’d be wise to counsel them or even consider removing them from the company altogether. A new CRM adoption is nothing to be joked with. Once your employees understand the benefits that such powerful customer management tool brings for them, you will notice that your Salesforce user adoption rate will quickly rise up. It’s important not to get discouraged by any obstacles that you meet along the way, and to positively influence everyone about the new platform that they’re going to use.
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