Achieve Best Results by Learning How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

Salesforce relationships associate objects with other objects and relationships helps to connect two or more things in order to perform a particular function. In Salesforce a relationship is used to link different custom objects with standard objects. To learn how to create master detail relationship in Salesforce, follow the Salesforce tips illustrated in this article and you will discover new ways of customizing your salesforce package for maximum benefits. Learning how to create master detail relationship in Salesforce is not so hard, if you have some background information on how salesforce operates, then you will find it very easy to create a master detail relationship.


How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

When you ask yourself, what is Salesforce, you need to be familiar with Salesforce relationships. This article will help you understand how to create master detail relationship in Salesforce, but first you must familiarize yourself with the type of relationships available in Salesforce.

Master-Detailed Relationship

This is a parent child relationship where master-objects control certain behaviors of the detail-object.


Characteristics of a master detail-relationship and its properties:

1. The child record is always accompanied with an associate parent. 2. Only maximum of 2 master detail relationships can be created with an object. 3. All master detail relationship can be recorded. 4. The detailed record inherits some security and sharing settings from its master record

“Many to Many” Relationship

A “many-to-many” relationship allows each object of parent object to be linked with multiple record. You can integrate a master detail relationship with a “Many to Many” relationship when creating a custom object. If you would like to create a many to many relationship, use a custom junction-object with 2 master detail relationship to link objects to relate.



This Salesforce relationship is used to link 2 objects together and does not affect security or deletion. Unlike most master detail relationship, lookup fields are not set automatically.

Contacting the Salesforce help desk and you will be guided on How to create master detail relationship in salesforce.


Use These Steps to Create a Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

1. If you have two custom interest members and objects, you cannot start to create a master detail relationship from scratch 2. The best way to do this is to make the child-member-object as the interest-object, so that each of the two members can have multiple-interests. 3. The first thing to do is to locate “interest-Object” and locate the custom fields section. 4. On the Custom Field section click on the “New” button 5. In the new page of custom field select “master detail relationship” and click “next” to continue. 6. In the “related-To” field select a member object and click “next” 7. In the next page of the “interest new relationship” enter the label and name for the lookup fields. 8. Since we are creating a master detail relationship the fields should be viewable to all in all lookup fields. 9. Click on the “save” button to save all changes. 10. Visit objects in salesforce and check whether the new master detail-relationship has been successfully implemented. If you follow the above steps you will find it easy to learn How to create master detail relationship in salesforce. It’s not a hard process and you don’t require technical knowledge to do this simple procedure.
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