7 Steps on How to Merge Leads in Salesforce

Step One

Merging leads has never been this easy, just ensure that you go to lead record and select the lead record that you want to merge. Doing this will give you an opportunity of not only how to merge leads in Salesforce, but also how to merge accounts in Salesforce. It will give you a range of leads that you have to choose which is best for your organization after which you will go to step two.

Step Two

Make sure that you click the find duplicates tab. The page will give you about five options on how to search the duplicate for your Salesforce, the options are as follows: phone numbers, e-mail address, search by matching names, company or by default. But the remaining four options will show you on the steps on how to match any lead, opportunity records, accounts, contacts which are purely based on the default matching criteria. It will also give you an opportunity on how to add fields in Salesforce.

Step Three of How to merge leads in Salesforce

Here, just ensure that you have selected at least three matching leads that your organization wants to merge. You can enter a new name or even company for the lead if you wish to after which you can click the search button to look for another lead to join. Ensure that you consider an implied wildcard after you have done the entry. The search results will match any field that you have entered. For instance, if you enter Bill Gates who work at Microsoft. The searching result will include names of Bill Gates who may be working for other companies and the lead with Microsoft Company which also give you away on how to customize Salesforce.

Step Four

From the page ensure that you have selected or have deselected the search criteria box, this gives you the opportunity to expand or narrow your search after which you can click the search button to give the updated result of the merge. The matching records of the selected criteria will appear in the appropriated section of the page.

Step Five

Click the merge lead button in your matching results to help you related the results from the list. A merge lead page will pop up, which will be displayed side by side which will show you all the selected field which have been completed and ready.

Step Six

Ensure that you have compared the information that is displayed on the page and then select the radio button which will help you to pick the value that you need to retain. You can also choose to keep each value from your record on the top of every column after which you can now click the select all link button.

Step Seven

After viewing the information of how to merge leads in Salesforce, you can now click the merger button, a window will appear which will make you act fast and validate if you are sure that you want to merge the information. It will then ask you to click OK or cancel, click OK which will make the merge lead to appear again.   With the information above you and your organization will not only be able to track and manage the Salesforce but also understand how salesforce merge accounts and help you to keep track of the progress of the organization in general.
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