The Best Way to Learn How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

The use of email has always been among the top modes of communication. One of the common Salesforce Basics is to send an email. While sending an email can be easy, it can also be challenging. This is with regard to the total number of emails you wish to send. Following the right procedure can help you send mass email in Salesforce easily. Also, with a reliable Salesforce training material, you can learn how to send the mails to different contacts.


Tips on How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

You can apply the native Salesforce CRM capabilities to send the mass email, or you can use a specific email marketing app from the AppExchange.


Using the CRM Capabilities

Cost. You can send mass emails to different contacts at no cost. • Recipients. You may also send mass email in Salesforce to the Contacts and Leads. Nonetheless, you will be required to split the blasts as you are entering the recipients. • Volume. Salesforce lets you send up to 200 emails in a day, which will not incur you extra charges. • Templates. With Salesforce, you can create three different email templates. They include HTML, Text and Visualforce. The HTML with letter heads and Text templates are simpler to create, though they are restricted in the designing aspect. Conversely, Visualforce allows you to perform advanced merging. This is done with the data of the recipient, where the template’s content can contain info that comes from various records that are in Salesforce. • Email Sender. Usually, the ‘from’ section in the email field will be generated automatically with the email address of the user. It is impossible to manipulate the address or change it in any way. This implies that you cannot send the email on behalf of the CEO devoid of the workarounds. • Tracking. You can track an HTML email that is sent from Salesforce by any of the users. This will allow you to track the date that the email was first opened.

Using AppExchange marketing

You can use a more complex alternative, which is the AppExchange. This is a blend of cloud computing apps that have been pre-integrated with the Salesforce. Most of the mass email apps will let you build the segmented lists, develop and distribute the customized email templates. Also, they will help you follow up the post-drop activity within Salesforce. There are several applications that you can use for your learning how to send mass email in Salesforce. The application that you choose should be relevant and also, it should allow you to send emails with ease.

You can also find a dependable customer service training tips resource. This one should help you find the right way of taking care of your service. This can also be applied in the mass email, especially if you have more than 100 customers. It can be done easily using the mass email. When you know the right way of how to send mass email in Salesforce, you will be sure of getting the best results. Mass email sending is mostly covered under the Salesforce Basics. It might be easy to send mass emails, but a suitable Salesforce training material can be handy.
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