My Favorite Salesforce Articles From This Week

From useful guides to critical thinking points, From Salesforce Wave to Sales Cloud. This week’s list covers a wide range of topics!  

1. Proactively Improve Sales Activities with Salesforce Wave

Starting off this week’s list is a short, useful article written after the recent news of Salesforce’s “analytics cloud” and big data collaborations, explaining just how these new features can help you boost sales. (Written by Malcolm Smith)  

2. How to Project Manage a Sales Cloud Rollout

Up next is a great, simple and surprisingly thorough guide that takes you through Sales cloud’s key features, and outlining the basics of using it to create a great rollout.  (Written by Marc Pulverman)  

3.  Want to Streamline Communications You Receive from Salesforce? Here’s How!

Going deeper into Salesforce guides this week, this next article addresses a known issue for Salesforce users- the massive amount of emails you receive. Of course, this is not a guide that shows you how to turn off notifications, but rather, how to sort them in comprehensive, easy to use ways. Very useful. (Written by Mike Gerholdt)  

4. Is Your Online Persona Driving Prospects Away?

Everyone in the CRM world knows to tell you how important customer relationships are, but not all of them truly know what it means, especially when it comes to social media. The next article, taken from Salesforces ever-helpful blog, tries to get deeper into your sales rep’s communication skills and break down the basics of what makes a client feel good when interacting with your team. (Written by Joanne Black)  

5.   Salesforce Mass Email – Everything You Need to Know

Closing this week’s list is an article I recently published guiding you through the benefits of Salesforce mass email, step by step from the very beginning. Enjoy!
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