Gmail for SalesForce Activation Tutorial

Today I have a treat for the SalesForce interested reader. While in the past we’ve covered a small amount of programming in VisualForce (and a number of permissions and records manipulations), today we’re going to talk about a new feature that a lot of people have wished for. Today, we’re going to learn about Gmail

Removing Users Access to Salesforce

It’s been a while since I wrote any new material about SalesForce, hasn’t it? I wanted to back off and give some time for software to be updated, and for new features to be fully implemented, tested and documented, before I went any further, (lest they change something I was going to talk about). Through

Will the Acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce create a market and technology leader in marketing? and ExactTarget announced this week that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which will acquire ExactTarget in a transaction valued at approximately $2.5 billion. ExactTarget, a leading cloud marketing platform, is used by more than 6,000 companies including Coca-Cola, Gap and Nike to manage their digital marketing.’s acquisition of ExactTarget

8 Steps to Unlock Your Sales Pipeline on Salesforce

The sales figure on your balance sheet is something that indicates your real level of success in every sense. This means that you need to achieve that level of sales to make enough money in the business. The sales pipeline refers to the constant supply of customers and clients for your business. Here are some Launches New Mobile Solutions for Government

Nearly 90 percent of all smart connected devices shipped last year were mobile, according to IDC. More people than ever before are connected. It is therefore interesting to note that announcement last week by of the launch of new mobile solutions for government. According to Salesforce federal, state and local agencies can now connect Announced the Launch of its Communities Product, Proclaiming the Ending the Era of Legacy Portal Software

Last week,  Salesforce launched Salesforce Communities, ending the era of legacy portal software. New Salesforce Communities will enable customer companies to create social communities with business data and processes embedded at the core, eliminating the trade off between legacy portals and social point solutions With new Salesforce Communities, customer companies will be able to create social

Key Points to Successful Salesforce User Adoption

When implementing software, you have to do much more than simply running the installation wizard on your server and setting up the access credentials. The final product must be fully ready to be utilized. A large part of the Salesforce user adoption does not imply you to make use of technology. However, the Salesforce user

Is Using Your CRM Application like “A Walk in The Park”?

If not, take a good look at WalkMe. CRM applications are not often described as ‘simple and user friendly.’ That’s where ‘helpers’ such as or Hubspot step in.  They aid users in facilitating the entire process. They help the end-user. End-user adoption is a critical piece to your CRM application. Why? It focuses on

Top 6 Salesforce Apps to Boost Productivity

  Salesforce is a great cloud-based CRM platform, which gives businesses the opportunities to manage almost every part of their sales activities. However, beyond basic adoption of the core platform, companies can benefit from an even higher productivity by adding Salesforce apps, some of which are built by the top developers worldwide. Here is our