How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption – Part 3 – The power of collaboration

In the previous articles, we detailed some basic ideas for increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption, and also described how to use rewards and gamification to increase your team’s embrace of Salesforce. In the final article in the series we will highlight the importance of “collective efforts” to propel Salesforce adoption, as well as a common

Increasing Salesforce User Adoption – Part 2 – Rewards & Gamification

In the last article, we discussed ideas for increasing the Salesforce’ user adoption. These were the basics. In this part, we will discuss how to use rewards and gamification to increase your team’s embrace of Salesforce. Implement gamification principles: One of the most powerful ways in which you can boost adoption is by implementing gamification

How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption – Part 1

You’ve just spent a lot of your time and budget into a new Salesforce CRM, but you’re starting to discover that it fails to deliver the promised benefits. One of the common causes for this is that your team members do not fully utilize Salesforce or do not even log into the platform. Thus, your

Rofori Corporation Collaborates with to Offer Dashboard Metrics

Rofori Corporation is a cloud service company that provides a feature-rich collaboration platform. This includes the creation of a user-defined message template, micro-blogging, file storage, easier search capabilities and proactive alert systems. On March 30, the company announced it would collaborate with to offer dashboard metrics. From Rofori’s collaboration environment, businesses can now focus

Learn How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

We had intended on discussing how to create master detail relationship in Salesforce today, but alas, it turns out that after much intrepid research, we have discovered that this is not actually possible in the most literal of sense, according to SalesForce’s developers. With that in mind, we’ll take a moment to talk about how relationships

Learn How to Customize Salesforce The Right Way

Today, we’re going to learn how to customize Salesforce. One of the great things about SaaS, and in this case, SalesForce CRM is how easy it is to customize and brand it for your company, which adds that extra touch of the elite and polish to your experience for both employees and on occasion customers as

New App launched on Salesforce – BigMachines

The price of a product or service is a central consideration for many customers. Consequently, it is common for customers to request quotes, so as to be able to get a better idea of what the company will charge, in comparison with other companies or sellers. Hence, when considering the importance of this part of

Enterasys Networks Utilizes Salesforce to Success

Salesforce can be used in various ways to bring a clear return on investment for sales teams across a variety of industries. Whether leading to an increase in overall productivity, or an increased conversion rate, efficient and smart use of the CRM is widespread. Here is one recent example. Enterasys Networks is known for its

Coveo for Salesforce Now Available on the AppExchange

Coveo launched late year “Coveo for Salesforce”, an app that is geared at changing the way people look at service performance (the application is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange). The way the application works is that it basically “reads” case info and after doing so, it recommends experts and relevant content in order for

Discover How to Schedule a Report in Salesforce

Salesforce CRM’s functionality is great for giving businesses the ability to conveniently subscribe to built-in, customizable and on demand services. This also makes real-time reporting and analytics capabilities, easier than ever. Another great benefit is content efficiency as well as the ability to evaluate traffic levels. This offers critical data that a company can use