Salesforce CRM Dashboards App Review

One of the biggest selling points of a lot of SaaS designs is the ability to create comprehensive (and custom) dashboards to make performing various frequent tasks very easy and quick. In business, being quick about any process you have to do often is a big plus, and one of the reasons technology is so integral to business of any form these days. The faster, the better. The easier, the better, too. So, given that Salesforce has the most comprehensive flexibility with dashboard design and implementation of any CRM system (no surprise at this point), you’re going to want to use this feature. But, designing Salesforce CRM dashboards may be a little tricky if you’re not a designer, developer or the like by trade. So, you find yourself possibly in a bit of a catch-22 with this, right? I mean, CRM is vital, and making CRM faster and easier is definitely going to improve customer service, marketing, product management and just about anything else. So, creating dashboards in salesforce for speeding up and simplifying things is a must. But, designing these dashboards … can you afford to hire a designer to make them? Maybe, but probably not – take heart. There’s a comprehensive app, aptly named Salesforce CRM Dashboards, that can help. We all know that the Salesforce App Exchange is pretty much limitless in the number of really helpful extended functionality sets they can bring to Salesforce, which is one of the reasons people love this CRM system so much, despite it being pretty costly. Well, while a lot of apps bring in new functionality such as integration with other systems or additional database concepts, some bring in crucial help with standing features. This is such an app. It provides you with best practices dashboards and reports for sales, marketing and service teams right out of the box. It also gives you insight into organization, team and individual performance. Basically, this app provides you with a bunch of expertly-created and documented templates which you can use right out of the box, or use as foundations to create your own even more powerful dashboards. While some apps may add abilities, this is more of kit to optimize one of the most powerful and helpful existing features Salesforce packs right out of its box. So, do you need this app? Well, if you’re not really sure how to handle designing dashboards, and don’t have personnel to fill that role, and you want to get the most out of Salesforce, make your CRM and customer service faster … yeah, you kind of do. However, I have to say that while it does provide a lot of great templates and information on design practices, I think since this is presenting itself as an app, not a document kit, it could be a bit more of just that – an app. It could offer perhaps a dashboard design interface that’s simpler than the default Salesforce one, or something like this, but it doesn’t do that. So, while I think this is a fantastic offering, I kind of don’t see why Salesforce CRM Dashboards is an app. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it! For additional information please reffer to how to create a dashboard in salesforce.
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