The Complete Salesforce CRM Tutorial

A number of organizations use Salesforce as their customer relationship management solution. Yet, not many people know how to use Salesforce in such detail, which is why Salesforce training is imperative. A number of Salesforce tutorials have been released to help beginners understand how the tool works and how it can be of benefit to their websites. Some companies provide Salesforce training to new users, with an aim of instilling more knowledge on the topic.

The Complete Salesforce CRM Tutorial

What is Salesforce?

This is a CRM tool that offers you everything that you need to learn the ins and outs of Salesforce. In the most basic way, it is a cloud computing tool that helps a business grow and develop in the best way possible. It applies all the necessary aspects of building a business. Why should you use Salesforce?

The most beginner Salesforce CRM Tutorial allows you to understand that this tool is one of the best you will need for improving your business’s productivity. Other than that, it has products that make it easier to develop and grow your business. The products are developed in different ways to fulfill the needs of the business. You can easily sell your products on the market place that is provided within Salesforce. Another great benefit of this tool is that it will not require you to install it on your machine, since it is cloud-based.

The products

There are specific products that have been designed to offer an easy to mesh with your platform. Here is a look at the most popular Salesforce products:

The Salesforce Apps

There are Salesforce applications that have been designed specifically for the customer relationship management and it touches on different aspects of CRM. The factors covered by the apps include the Salesforce automation, partner relationship management, customer service and marketing. More relevant information is available on how to create master detail relationship in salesforce.


This is cloud database service that is multitenant, which has been designed to gather data for the mobile social enterprise apps. is a service that can be used as the substitute database for apps that are designed in any language and are running on any mobile device or platform. This product has an integrated social computing infrastructure, along with an indigenous support. These two features help to come up with special APIs that help you create apps that will help manage your customer relationships.


This is a platform of Salesforce, which is the first PaaS, Platform as a Service, that allows the developers to develop and generate a business app that is on demand, devoid the use of a software. It has customization tools that assist you to come up with remedies for your business requirements. Technically, this is a platform that does not require you to have an experience with programming.

• AppExchange 

This is a marketplace that has a number of cloud apps that have been developed specifically for the Salesforce clients, partners and developers. Most of the apps are free to use and each of them has been integrated with the Salesforce, so you will easily add functionalities.

• The community

You will receive a Salesforce CRM tutorial, reliable staff that will answer your questions, as well as a look at the best practices on how to use the Salesforce CRM.

How it works

Let’s take a look at how Salesforce works and how it will help you achieve the best results. With this tutorial, you will be able to know how to apply 5 data objects that will help you track the process of your sales. Some of the objects covered include the contact, the accounts, leads, campaigns and the opportunities.

The accounts are those companies that you will be working with, while the contacts are the employees that work in the companies that you deal with. Conversely, the opportunities are the deals or the contracts that you make with the specified companies. If you choose to sell a service or product to a particular company, then there will be an opportunity. Since Salesforce is a CRM tool that is centered around accounts, all the opportunities and contacts will be linked to one account. Relevant information is available on salesforce merge accounts page. Please read it in order to get better results. The Leads are different from the opportunities, accounts and contacts. Leads are the people that are interested in your company. However, they are not that much to carry out a sales process. The Leads will be produced by the marketing efforts of the company, which include services like webinars. The campaigns are the techniques that you will use to keep track of your marketing efforts. For instance, if someone attended a conference to give a talk, they would get a list of the attendees. You can then use this list to come up with a Salesforce campaign that will be used for the talk in the conference.

They can be used as leads, which will help you achieve more marketing efforts.

Additional tutorials are available on salesforce tutorial page.

With this Salesforce CRM Tutorial, you can understand the tool and really understand how it can help your business.

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