Salesforce CTI Integration Toolkit Overview

This happens to be a Salesforce CTI integration review for those that may be in the dark over what this revolutionary functionality of offers. Call centers can be aptly termed as critical nerve centers for almost all companies. Which can provide for effectual execution of varied business-oriented operations within a firm’s organization. This is because they facilitate for seamless communication not only within a business establishment’s different departments, but with its partners, and more to the point, clients.

Salesforce CTI Integration


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

A well setup call center can dramatically transform the level of customer support your clients can be able to access. Which naturally enhances customer satisfaction in ways you would never have thought possible. 

The Salesforce CTI Integration Toolkit

With this in mind, salesforce cti integration (computer telephony integration) toolkit that enables users to conveniently create CTI adapters. That they can use to seamlessly integrate the CRM with 3rd party telephony systems. This permits a firm’s salesforce CRM call center staff to easily access the various features of virtually any CTI system via an application that goes under the name of SoftPhone.


For those who might perhaps not be in the know, Soft Phone happens to be a fully customizable call control tool that appears on the user interface of accounts that may be utilizing CTI adapters.

SoftPhone Features

As would be expected SoftPhone comes with a horde of revolutionary components. Which make the work of these critical users (call center personnel) infinitely more convenient and efficient in the handling of inbound calls. This includes the “call center state” (a dropdown box that indicates whether the user can receive calls). A “Call information area ” that displays data related to the call the user might be handling such as phone number used to make the call, duration and even links to any associated records. The “call button area” which facilitates effortless execution of call commands like dialing, hanging up, putting a call on hold, taking a second call among many other functions. 

Seamless Integration of CTI Systems Within Salesforce

After the successful installation of salesforce CTI integration adapter application in, the concerned users can begin to use the various functionalities of the specific CTI system integrated via SoftPhone.

Making Outbound Calls and Receiving inbound calls

This includes dialing a number stored in Softphone or an online directory as well as clicking on a number in the contacts, leads or activities within the salesforce CRM. Call center users can also receive inbound calls and access additional functionalities such as quick viewing of virtually any salesforce records that are related to the particular call. Salesforce CTI also enables effortless transfer of calls, initiation of conference calls where applicable, and call holding. Users can also be in a position to attach records to specific calls as well as automatically generate call logs.

All this, like aforementioned, undoubtedly makes a call center’s staff’s duties infinitely easier, and in extension enables them to deal comprehensively with all client concerns.

Hosted or On-Premise CTI Integration

There are two methods of integrating the salesforce CRM with CTI systems, which are hosted and on-premise. The first option involves the utilization of a partner application that comes with a built-in integration with the CRM system as well as been offered as a hosted telephony model. 

Users can also opt to utilize, the earlier mentioned, salesforce CTI toolkit that facilitate for seamless integration of the CRM with on-premise telephony equipment. To make things easier for developers, salesforce provides a C++ based rudimentary application that comes with a related source code. This permits these individuals to conveniently build highly advanced, customized CTI adapters that can integrate with diverse kinds of telephony platforms.

Salesforce Open CTI

Via the Open CTI, which happens to be integration architecture for salesforce CTI, partners as well as customers can, in a very hassle-free manner, embed 3rd party, web-based call centers and Softphone directly within their salesforce accounts. This firm also offers a Javascrpit API that enables users to perform various channel actions such as screen pops.

Seamless Integration With Any Type of Telephony System

Like earlier stated, all the versions of the salesforce CTI toolkit offer seamless integration with virtually any type of telephony system, utilizing almost any protocol like TAPI, CSTA or even any other proprietary protocol.

Web Browser Support

The CTI 4.0 toolkit in particular comes with full support for the very latest web browsers available in the market (HTML5). Consequently, users are not required to install additional add-ons or plugins to access the functionalities of the salesforce call center system directly through their web browser of preference. Further, the CTI toolkit as supports domain messaging, if the browser utilized is compatible with this feature. 

Robust CTI Framework

Arguably one of the biggest advantages of the salesforce CRM CTI integration system is that it effortlessly provides for a robust framework. That not only facilitates for effective handling of inbound calls and the events they generate using the screen pops feature. But also as going way in permitting rapid and intuitive outbound dialing and initiation of calls from right within the salesforce CRM user interface.

Complete Customization of the Salesforce Call Center

This also means users can alter the various fields and the exact order in which they are displayed. Change objects and the order of links that point to them, specify screen settings for inbound calls with either single or multiple matches as well as no matches. Salesforce CRM call center users can also specify screen pops for inbound calls that are displayed within a web browser window together with screen pops for visualforce or pages associated with specific calls. As well as specify screen pops to search pages for inbound calls that retrieve multiple records matches. Finally, users can a configure the system to enable enhanced viewing of the SoftPhone user interface in the footer section of the console.


It is hence safe to say that opting for salesforce CTI integration can be the best decision you could ever make for your organization, in terms of streamlining communication channels within it, partners and also clients. Further assistance can be found on salesforce tutorial for beginners page. Good luck.
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