Most Important Salesforce Import Users Tools

If you want to transfer data to Salesforce, a number of Salesforce data import tools exist. You can use these tools to move data without hassles. You need to know what they are if you want to enhance efficiency in your business.

Top Selection of  Salesforce Import Users Tools to Use


1. Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader

Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader is an import tool, which is available free at the basic level for Salesforce users. For advanced functionality, you will require a license to use it. It integrates easily with Salesforce. You can use this import tool for a number of things. These include importing data for or as well as Salesforce import users. It also allows for data import for databases and flat files. Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader allows for the automation of the import process. You can also schedule all your import tasks using this tool. This ensures that you do not need to set it up every time you need to transfer data. It is very convenient.

2. LexiLoader

LexiLoader is an independent import tool for Salesforce. It also bears the name ApexDataLoader. This OSX build is used by the Apex Data Loader application for data transfer. You can use LexiLoader not just for Salesforce import users, but also to update or even create data for any Salesforce organization.

3. is another Salesforce import users tool that you should consider. This tool is an online one, which transfers data not just into Salesforce but also other cloud-based apps. The online tool has a number of things going for it especially where Salesforce is concerned. Some of them are outlined below.  
  • works with any edition of Salesforce including Group
  • The tool can import all the standard CRM and custom objects into Salesforce
  • can also support system and custom fields as well as sales activity history
  • While the tool is not free, it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you hate your import results, you can ask for the import results to be deleted after which you will get your refund
  • does not require any technical skills on your part. All you have to do is to connect your system online, then use the tool to download the data into Salesforce
  • is very fast and automated. Automated data migration takes a much shorter time that many other tools offer. In an hour, you could move a whole database! The automation also reduces the costs of moving data, which is why import services are very fair

4. Import Wizard

Import Wizard is also another Salesforce data import tool. This tool will require you to manipulate data outside it before importing it into Salesforce. The tool is however, quite user-friendly. It is also free. Some of the things that you can input with Import Wizard include custom object records, Contact, Leads, Account, and Solution records. You can import up to 50,000 records at any given time.


You can access online. No download of the app is necessary for import of data into Salesforce. The app is simple to use and costs nothing at the basic level. You can transfer unlimited data amounts into Salesforce using this import tool. allows you to automate import of data after the first time you use it. You will also have the ability to schedule import processes. The scheduling can be done on an hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. You can even set the process to adapt to different time zones. The tool allows for data import from the cloud or local directory. You can obtain email notifications to inform you when import process has begun. In addition, bulk API is allowed.

6. DemandTools

DemandTools is actually a suite of data manipulation tools. This Salesforce data import tool allows for mass import of data. It allows for bulk API of up to 5 million. The tool however, is not free; you have to pay an annual fee to use it. DemandTools can be use for multiple editions of Salesforce. These include Developer, Unlimited, Professional, and Enterprise. It also allows you to have concurrent import jobs taking place. The user interface is wizard driven.

7. Excel Connector

The Excel Connector is free. You can use this import tool if you love working with Excel. It works with Salesforce edition starting from Professional and above. Excel Connector imports data in small batches. For each edition, you will need to have a different excel add-on and download. You may also experience a few problems when using newer Windows versions.

8. Informatica Cloud Data Loader

Informatica Cloud Data Loader is a free data import tool made by a third party for Salesforce users. You can use this tool for any editions of Salesforce from Professional and above. Informatica Cloud Data Loader is cloud based. This means that it can be used to import data regardless of which platform you are on. It also has a good user interface on the cloud. Another great thing about this import tool is that you can monitor its use via a mobile app. This means that regardless of your location, you can monitor the import process. Informatica Cloud Data Loader can also automate the process of data import. The new version has a data masking functionality that you will find quite useful.

9. Additional Salesforce import tools

The above listed data import tools are by no means the only options for Salesforce users. Additional tools of this nature exist. These include Cloudingo, Simple Import Free, Simple Import Premium, and WebSphere Cast Iron Data Loader. These tools are all cloud based. Other import tools, which are not necessarily cloud based, include DataHero, Agile ConnectLink, ImportBuddy, The List connector, eloader, and Apsona for Salesforce among other tools.

Bottom Line

Data import tool available for Salesforce users vary. Some are simple while others have advanced features. Some are free and others require you to pay for a license. Then there are those with both a free and paid version. Some import tools are cloud based while others are not. The fact is that there are plenty of choices out there as far as data import tools are concerned. If you want Salesforce import users tools for data transfer into Salesforce, you can have your pick as long as the tools available meet your criteria. With Salesforce data import tools there is something for every business, you just have to find it. If you would like to get additional information, you can always go to salesforce basics page and find everything you need to get started.  
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