Salesforce Editions – Which One is For You?

There are several Salesforce Editions that you should be aware of. The difficult part comes in when you have to make a choice on the Salesforce editions that are available. You will have to make a choice on the five editions that are available. Here are some of the editions and what makes them preferable. Performance This edition will provide you with CRM that increases the performances. The price that you will have to pay per month is $300. However, this amount is billed ever year. Some of the features that you will get access to are: consoles, service cloud, live agent web chat, perform,, multiple sand boxes, premiere plus success plan and unlimited custom app development. This edition will provide you 24/7 toll free support, 15 developer boxes, a full sandbox as well as unlimited online training. Professional You will get a complete CRM no matter the size of your team. It is an affordable edition and you will only have to pay $65 per month. The features you will get access to include campaigns, case tracking, mass email and customizable dashboards. You can start with this edition if your needs are limited. The limitations that you will experience with this edition are that there are no profiles, no success to API and no work flow. Group If you have this edition, then you will have access to basic sales as well as marketing for 5 users. You will only have to pay $25 every month. The features that are available are email templates, opportunity tracking and lead scoring. This is suitable if you have a small business. This is because the maximum number of uses is only 5. Contact Manager This is cheapest of all these editions. You will be required to pay $5 per month. You will get contact manager for 5 users. When it comes to features you will get content library, event tracking, customizable reports, accounts and contacts, salesforce1 mobile app, company social network and Gmail email integration. This edition is also suitable for small businesses. It will suit your budget. Enterprise This is the most popular edition. It will cost you $125 per month. In addition to the professional features, you will get profiles and page layouts, Salesforce identity, custom app development, work flow and approval automation and Salesforce private AppExchange. This edition is usually preferred because it is efficient. You will be able to save a lot of money. You should make sure that you choose an edition based in your needs. A large organization will use a different edition as compared with small businesses. The number of users will also determine the edition you will choose. The other thing that you have to look for is the cost. If you are on a low budget, then you will be able to get the edition that suits your pocket. Now that you know the editions that are available; it will be a lot easier to make a choice on the suitable one. Make a choice from these Salesforce editions and improve your business. Find out how to check salesforce edition.
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