Salesforce Field Types Guide – Everything You Should Know

In order to use the Salesforce CRM application correctly you should know all about the Salesforce Field Types. I’ve broken down a comprehensive list of Salesforce Field Types and what each field contains.
  • Address – The address field data is filled in a compound data type.
  • AnyType – Depending upon the kind of field involved, the AnyType field contains email data, url, datetime, date, percent, ID, double, int, currency, Boolean, reference, picklist and string.
  • Calculated – When a field is defined by a formula it is known as calculated.
  • Combobox – A combobox allows the user to specify a value not in the list and it includes a set of enumerated values.
  • Currency – As the name suggests the currency Salesforce Field Types contain the values of currency.
  • DataCategoryGroupReference – This field contains references to a data category group or a unique name of a category.
  • Email – Email addresses are contained in the email field.
  • Encryptedstring – The letters, numbers and symbols are combined and stored in encrypted form in the encrypted text fields. The maximum length of the encryption is set at 175 characters beyond which a person cannot include any more characters. This field is available only in versions 11.0 and later of Salesforce application.
  • ID – The object is primarily stored in ID field type.
  • Location – This field contains a compound type of data which is the longitude and latitude values of a geographical location.
  • Masterrecord – When the user merges the record, the other records are deleted and the new ID of a record is saved in this field.
  • Multipicklist – A set of enumerated values from which multiple values can be selected is included in multi select picklists.
  • Percent – The percent field is filled with the values of percentage.
  • Phone – This field contains phone numbers. Basically, it contains numerical but it may also contain alphabetic characters. The responsibility of phone number formatting is based upon client applications.
  • Picklist – One can select values of picklists from a set of enumerated values in this Salesforce Field Types.
  • Reference – This field is used for cross referencing a different type of object. In Structured Query Language (SQL) it is analogous to a foreign key field.
  • Textarea – A string of multiline text field is displayed in this type of field.
  • URL – The values of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is entered into this field. These hyperlinks are commonly displayed in this field by client applications.
This is a part of the various Salesforce Field Types used in the application. Before you start using the software program it is important for you to learn the unique characteristics of different field types. If you are well aware of all the field types then it will be easy for you to work with the application.
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