Salesforce for LinkedIn Integration Best Practices

There are many practices that can help Salesforce for LinkedIn integration. These best practices work with Salesforce for LinkedIn to help you make your sales goals. Implementing the changes is somewhat easy, and the effects of following these tips can be seen right away. Salesforce uses the latest developments in enterprise software and cloud computing to create a market platform that is easy to use. The company has products specifically designed to get social enterprises leverage over the competition. With the help of the latest mobile and open cloud technologies, you can get a step above the competition and start increasing sales. LinkedIn gives you the powerful opportunity to connect with businesses and clientele directly. Combining the two forces helps you get an even bigger leg up on the competition, but only when using these best practices. Understand Where Your Clients are Coming From One of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn is the detailed profiles that provide you with a ton of information about your target client. The app displays and sorts tidbits like where your contacts are from, what schools they went to, their current position, and who works with them. If you are dealing with a client that is part of a team, you may be able to reach other people on the team that influence the buying decision. As you make stronger connections, you need to have a way to access the information in a fast, efficient way. Integrating the LinkedIn contacts with your Sales Cloud allows you to further record any data you receive for later use. Tag Your Clients Your Sales Cloud gives you the powerful ability to tag and organize contacts. Rather than having a long list of contacts or friends in LinkedIn, you can integrate your contacts and take more notes. You can organize them so that you can decide the best methods for marketing to them. This helps you to further reach your target market and target more specific marketing materials to individuals. You can find relevant and helpful informarion about merging contacts in salesforce page, which will guide you step by step. Keep it Simple Salesforce and Sales Cloud offer a number of different features for LinkedIn users. The Salesforce app can work with Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, and more, giving you crucial data and helping you keep track of your client’s habits. If you are planning on integrating a number of social network contacts, try doing them one at a time, starting with your most important. This will help avoid any confusion and ease the learning curve. Take Advantage of Real Time Making fast connections is crucial in the world of social media, and LinkedIn is no exception. If you want the fastest information and don’t have a lot of integrated accounts, real time can work great for you. If you are dealing with a lot of information and only log on a few times a day, revert back to the batch process. Use Standard Integration Applications Customized code can take forever to perfect, and many of the abilities the application would grant are already available. Instead, look through the different features Salesforce has to offer and pick the ones that work for you. All of the LinkedIn features you see advertised are obtainable with the click of a button. This will make things simple and ensure that your integration process is always running smoothly. Review Your Security and Audit Regularly Salesforce offers a lot of security benefits that help prevent you from losing data, but it is always a good idea to comb through your contact data on a regular basis. Having a regular audit can help you avoid critical errors and keep your information consistent. Salesforce for LinkedIn offers a lot of great benefits if you know how to use them.
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