Salesforce Graphics Pack Review

I’ve been wanting to discuss the Salesforce Graphics Pack for those individuals that may still be in the dark over this amazing functionality. Like the ancient Chinese used to proclaim “one picture is often worth more than ten thousand words”, and so rightly so. Most especially when it comes to the effective utilization of CRM solutions among certain demographics of users.  

The Salesforce Graphics Pack Review:

Many CRM Solutions Feature Intricate or Plain User Interfaces

Most of the CRM solutions currently available in the market are usually noted for user interfaces that do not integrate appropriate features and functionalities to simplify the job of the users. To which end, many users are often chagrined by this state of affairs that makes it very difficult to decipher pertinent data or input new values. This naturally often doubles the time such workers require to perform some very straightforward tasks on these systems. Which obviously inhibits their efficiency as well as productivity.

Salesforce Graphics Pack Review

To effectually address this growing concern among users, Salesforce labs through the legendary AppExchange introduced the graphic pack app. Which is essentially a totally free visual-centric application that provides the users of this CRM solution with hundreds of images as well as icons that they can use as they wish.

A Wide Variety of Images and Icons Options to Choose From

These images and icons are categorized and made available in a wide range of themes such as finance, desktop icons, animals, monsters, robots, vacation, sports and plenty others. From which Salesforce users can easily choose the right ones that meets their requirements as well as preferences and ultimately integrate them into the applications they wish. Expressly, however, for custom tabs, image formulas as well as visualforce pages that users decide to make more visually comprehensible.

What format/sizes are graphics pack images or icons provided and where are they used?

Graphic pack images and icons come in two distinct sizes, which are the 16 X 16 pixels and the 32 X 32 pixels options. The first and undoubtedly smaller variety of images and icons are designed to be utilized in image formula fields and also visualforce pages. While the 32 X 32 pixels types are geared specifically for tabs and visualforce pages.

Unmatched Ease of Installation and Uploading of Images and Icons

Like most apps from Salesforce AppExchange, the graphic pack app installation and usage is of course very simple. Users can easily choose, resize and ultimately upload the various images as well as icons that meet their fancy on the Salesforce applications they want.

How can you set graphics pack images and icons on custom tabs?

When it comes to setting these functionalities on the custom tabs of this CRM system nothing could be easier. Should you be interested in implementing this functionality on your Salesforce user interface tabs, you can follow this extremely straightforward process.

Head to the Salesforce CRM Setup

To begin with, you must first go to setup, opt for tabs and select the edit function. You should then choose the exact tab style and lookup icon that appeals to your preferences. Before navigating to the create your own style button, where you will be in an excellent position to select the color you want, and ultimately insert your own image. The latter option enables you to open the graphic pack for tabs folder, where you will be able to choose the exact image or icon you wish to use on the given tab. Finally, you should click the go button and afterwards save the new configuration. 

Graphics pack images and icons can be invaluable in case opportunity and priority stages. The Salesforce graphics pack images and icons can also be used in the case opportunity and priority stages where various important fields can be visually distinguished by these functionalities. Of course, these visualizations are based on the fields’ distinct values.

How do you upload images and icons using the image formula functionality?

To upload images or icons from this amazing app using image formula user can follow this process. Again you should head to setup and navigate to custom fields and relationships, where you ought to click on the new button. You should then select the formula option form the list that materializes. After doing this the system will prompt you to input a new name for the newly created field. As well as specify the appropriate formula return type, which in this case you should choose text. You should then click on the next button. And the system will prompt you to choose the right field visibility option. After doing this click again on the next button and this time you will have to select the page layout that meet your preferences. You can then save your new formula image.

You will need to update the page layout and list views before the images are visible

Once the system uploads it you should take the time to refresh the page layout as well as the list views to enable the system to effectually display your selected image or icon. It is vital to remember that the 16 X 16 pixels images and icons are for images formula fields and visualforce pages only. While the 32 X 32 pixels variety for the tabs and visualforce pages. And you should make your choices in concurrence with these settings.

A Heightened Level of User Friendliness That is Unmatched

Like earlier stated the Salesforce graphics pack app was designed to make the readability of the various interfaces of this CRM solution much more easier. This in extension significantly enhances this system’s user friendliness, making it more appealing to those users’ that might be partial to graphical representation of data and the numerous benefits it presents.


The inception of this app has greatly revolutionized the way users make use of this one of a kind CRM solution. Most especially when it comes to the input of new data as well as accurately deciphering values in diverse fields on this system. What makes this functionality more remarkable is the fact that the Salesforce graphics pack is offered absolutely for no additional costs, and you might want to give it a try today.  
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