Salesforce Help Desk Integration

Salesforce is a cloud computing firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. Although its revenue often comes from CRM i.e. customer relationship management product, Salesforce tries also on commercial applications of social networking via acquisition. Basically, as of 2014, this company is among the most highly valued cloud computing firms in the US with a market capitalization of 50 billion US dollars. This write up will focus on discussing what Salesforce help desk is all about and how you can benefit from it.

Salesforce Help Desk Integration

Here are some of the responsibilities that Salesforce training material provide their help desk members with.

Visibility for your Sales Members

With Salesforce help desk integrated with the CRM the sales members already like, the sales representatives can easily see which problems are bothering their leads as well as what their status are, right from within Salesforce. With an efficient and effective help desk, sales agents will definitely show that they are caring to close out issues raised by their leads, and not just hustling a sale blindly. Don’t you think that the Salesforce help desk is indeed doing a great job?

Sales Data for the Support Agents

With Salesforce, the support agents usually get to witness all the critical contact information of any requestor, and even the sales representative who is following up the requestor. This is important since it usually assists support agents know that they require closing out tickets which have been raised. It also enables clients to be aware of the activities taking place in this cloud computing firm.

Better Customer Engagement

When the sales team begins caring about the support team issues and the support team begins looking at the business impact, it will only mean good news for your business. Basically, both the sales and help desk team can engage themselves together throughout their lifecycle and collaborate in ensuring that all the consumer’s issues are fixed in the right manner and at the right time.

What you Need to Know About previously referred as Jigsaw, is a cloud- based automated system used to acquire and manage CRM records within the user’s account. Also, is an online business directory of businesses and companies professionals that is built, accessed and maintained by a worldwide community of over a million subscribers.


A large database usually allows the members to exchange as well as share their business content of more than 30 million contacts from over 5, 000 million firms. The Salesforce help desk utilizes a user- generated database, which is continually updated by the members. The Help desk also acts as a viral business cards, providing title, name, email and postal addresses and direct- dial phone numbers for personal contacts.


Last, but not least, if you want to really benefit from the various services that Salesforce offers, please do not hesitate visiting their site. They’ll provide you with Salesforce tutorials and Salesforce browser support, which will see you move miles forwards in your attempt to utilize their services. Thank you.

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