Salesforce Knowledge Implementation Guide

Continuing with the spirit of my recent Salesforce high, today I’m going to write you a basic Salesforce knowledge implementation guide. This guide is essentially a series of learning and training resources. It covers the different approaches to learning the software.

There are a number of ways to provide training. Sometimes training requires self-discipline and learning, other times it is controlled and integrated within a program. Sometimes complex software may require a combination of training resources.

In order to educate trainees, on the powerful CRM software we all know as Salesforce, I recommend various learning tools in order to accommodate  for various learning styles. The top 4 learning tools are  guides, YouTube videos, online courses and Walkme.

#1 – Guides It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Salesforce’s own guides are pretty good at helping you figure out how to manage tasks. Saleforce provides solutions for every problem you encounter.There are also a slew of independent blogs, posts and articles that are dedicated to everything Salesforce.

#2 – YouTube Lessons I’m not a huge fan of using video tutorials as a prime learning source. It’s annoying to go back and forth through the video, trying to mimic steps. However, video is a great supplemental learning tool.

Tim Murphy’s channel is the top rated source for Salesforce training videos and learning  on Youtube. He garners tens of thousands of views and I highly recommend his Salesforce series.

Mysalesforcetrainer is the second best salesforce training source. Because the instructors and directors of the videos are a little more conservative than Murphy, I suggest watching both channels to see which videos best suit you.

#3 – Online Courses One of the best ways to learn (or even teach) Salesforce is via Moodle courses. They support video, text and all forms of embedded data. Moodle can condense material into an organized course. You  can reach a multitude of trainees – and the trainees themselves can invite others who may benefit from the course.

#4 WalkMe

What if you don’t have the time to halt business and begin training for Salesforce?  Say hello to WalkMe.

WalkMe is a live training guide and probably the best source for a step by step breakdown of Salesforce tasks. Walkme provides tip balloons that pop up on your screen as you perform a given task. These balloons guide you through completion.

Admins can even track their trainees performance.  You can see which task on Salesforce is the most confusing and use WalkMe to guide users until they are completely independent. This ensures that employees work while they learn, and they will learn while they train. Walkme is unique because the learning is live, in real-time.

The 4 resources in this knowledge implementation guide provide you with great salesforce training material. Literature and video sources are a great place to start, while Moodle and WalkMe provide a more interactive experience. Try them all and find out which resource best suits you. Good luck!

Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.