Salesforce License Types Overview

Salesforce license types allows users to access your data. The permission that the user will get depends on the kind of permission that you have set. We are going to look at some of these licenses. Salesforce Platform This only has custom apps but does not have CRM. It cannot make use of opportunities and forecasts. Users can use custom apps that have been installed from app exchange, They can also use reports, accounts, dashboards, custom tabs, documents, and contacts. Users with this license cannot get access to standard apps. Those who have this license can make use of connect offline. Additional dashboards information is available onĀ creating dashboards in salesforce page. This type has no standard CRM and only one custom app. It gives users access to unlimited custom tabs. In as much as they can choose to use different tans they are only required to use only one custom app. users can only get access to read only for contacts and accounts. This license gives users 100MB file storage and 20MB data storage. Salesforce This gives you access to custom apps, standard CRM as well as app exchange. This has been designed for people who need to get complete access to CRM. Users who have this kind of license are able to get access to custom or standard app. Users will get unlimited edition as well as additional storage. Knowledge Only User This license has been designed to those who want to have access to Salesforce knowledge app. This gives you access to tabs like chatter files, custom tabs, articles, profiles, home, article management, reports and custom objects. It gives users access to the articles tab. Chatter Free This license has been designed for enterprise, performance and professional edition users without Salesforce license. With this type, you can get access to chatter box. It allows you to upgrade the chatters licenses free of charge. Users can access groups, profiles, files and chatter people. However, it will not be possible to use Salesforce data. Chatter External This license has been designed to allow users to chatter groups. You do not have to worry because accessing these groups will be a lot easier. Chatter Only This license is as referred to as chatter plus. It has been designed for enterprise, unlimited and performance. Users with this license can also use files, chatter people and groups. They will also be able to modify custom objects, use Salesforce answers and view Salesforce contacts. Company Community This has been designed for users who would like to access application such as acommunity, custom tabs and custom objects. The users who have this license only have read only access to the Salesforce knowledge. They will also be able to get read only for contacts and accounts, access 10 custom objects and use ideas. It will be a lot easier to customize the ideas because this license gives you the option to do so. Please readĀ creating custom objects in salesforce for further information. These are some of the different types of licenses that you can get. As you can see they have different kinds of access. You can choose any depending on your needs. There is something that suits everyone. These Salesforce license types are all different in their own unique way.
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