Salesforce Service Cloud Review

Salesforce service cloud can be described as a customer support solution that can be used by businesses to deliver faster and more responsive service across multiple channels from social networks to the contact center. It allows businesses to interact with their customers on social sites such as Twitter or Facebook in a bid to make certain that all the client’s needs are met. It can also be used to enhance productivity, agent collaboration and customer experience delivered. Using this solution, organizations can engage and service clients in better ways while at the same time enhancing performance of service agents.

Salesforce service cloud has a strong focus on the Social Enterprise that infuses social context into business operations. It has been in the market since 1999 when it was founded by Marc Benioff a former Oracle executive. All this while, it has managed to gain a good reputation and ranks among the industry leaders. This is because it delivers a range of business and CRM applications that assist companies to enhance the methods employees collaborate as well as the way they connect with clients. Some of the features you can enjoy with this include: contact center, chatter, customer portal, analytics, social, knowledge, search, community, email, live agent, approvals & workflow, partners, mobile, contacts and entitlements and AppExchange.


Some of the benefits you get by using salesforce service cloud for your business include:

The solution comes with numerous features such as online communities, public knowledge base and customer self service among many other cut down labor intensive human services that give agents more resources and time to focus on other important customer- facing processes. It also comes with extensive social media capabilities that integrate various tools into a core system which in turn ensures an uncomplicated and seamless experience for the user. The solution also includes a very powerful Visual Process Manager tool that assists in the creation of workflows as well as approvals which reduce the amount of manual work that has to be done.


Some of the cons that you will be faced with when using salesforce service cloud include:

  • It can be quite costly especially when compared to other products that offer similar services in the market.
  •  The solution does not offer any Service Level Agreement until a customer requests for one this makes it fall behind some of the products that offer guarantee to the customers.
  • It also lacks some features such as back office processes for a business that is looking for a broader solution.

In general, this is a great solution especially for businesses that normally rely on a contact center as a point of delivery for their customer service delivery. This is because it offers an effective solution that is used to enhance a company’s support process. Currently, there are very many companies who are using it and have nothing short of praises for it as it is exactly what they were looking for. This is perhaps because salesforce service cloud provides integrated applications that streamline the service process and at the same time offers innovative social media capabilities.

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