Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Salesforce SharePoint integration is something that every business looking to streamline both sales and non-sales data and information dreams of. The problem is that Salesforce and SharePoint are different products that belong to competing business entities. Since and Microsoft are not going to start cooperating soon, it is up to third parties to try to connect one of the leading CRMs to one of the most popular network document sharing frameworks.

A few third parties seem to have figured out a way to ensure that the integration happens. If you want to do the same within your organization, you need to select among some of the best practices of doing so and utilize them.

Salesforce SharePoint Integration – Best Practices


1. Using Relational Junction

Relational Junction is a dynamic linkage system created by Sesame Software. This product provides you with a basic means of integrating to Sharepoint. However, the level of connectivity between the two systems is quite limited.

Relational Junction can be considered a skeleton key, because it acts as an integration module for general data processing. You can use it to integrate data between both Salesforce and Sharepoint if you do not require advanced document functionalities.

2. Oris4 Integration Solution

The Oris4 Integration Solution is one of the latest solutions offered to users of both and Microsoft Sharepoint. This product will enable you to feed all the relevant Sharepoint content that you have straight into the application. The integration will be done across the cloud platform thus enhancing the security of your data and information.

The Oris4 Integration product has a number of things going for it. These are certainly worth considering.

  • Oris4 is a cloud-based content management system. This means that you can access the integrated information you need from Salesforce and Sharepoint regardless of your location and independent of your devices.
  •  The organization of the required content is automated. Contextual indexing is used for your files, documents, and emails. Because the integration is done via cloud, the automation process ensures that you can pull up the data and information you need as soon as you want it irrespective of devices used or location.
  • Using Oris4 Integration module you can view a Salesforce account, access all the company files and emails regardless of the system in use.

The product is therefore a promising solution to the problem that you may have been facing when using both Sharepoint and

3. The MPS Partners Integration Solution

Using the MPS Partners Integration Solution to enhance communication between Sharepoint and may be another way forward for your business. This product will extend the reach of across your organization through Sharepoint. This will be done via management of documents, line of business, dashboards and reporting and workflows and e-forms.

The integration solution from MPS Partners has a number of things going for it with regard to integrating Sharepoint and

  • It will provide a 360-degree pipeline view from the sales perspective. This will allow for better understanding of the pipeline development thus enhancing sales opportunities.
  • The solution allows for better connection between sales campaigns and lead databases. It will enable the marketing staff to gauge campaigns better when it comes to efficacy.
  • There will be a complete dashboard view of the activities that are taking place on all sides.
  • The integration module from MPS Partners will extend collaboration across while centralizing data access from the CRM across all the relevant business functions in the organization.
  • Using the integration solution, you will have to move data from legacy systems either one at a time or in batches. This allows you to control the integration speed.

The MPS Partners product therefore enables you to maximize the use of Salesforce.

Additional Integration Avenues

Salesforce Sharepoint integration can be done in an additional number of ways, which may not require third party input. You may however, have to be creative in order to achieve the integration that you seek, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money.  

Sharepoint Intranet Data

  • If your Sharepoint site is within intranet and you need to integrate some data within Salesforce without compromising security, then you will need to create a custom object. This object will be created within Salesforce to maintain a relationship between the record in Salesforce and the unique Sharepoint record identifier (GUID.
  • You will then have to create a Salesforce formula field, which will take the GUID to create a URL. Any intranet user who wants to access the Sharepoint document will then use this URL.
  • When the document you want to share is uploaded to Sharepoint via API, the Salesforce relationship object would be populated.

Why Integrating Sharepoint and Salesforce Matters

Using third parties for the integration will cost you something. On the other hand, using other creative ways to integrate Sharepoint and Salesforce data may cost you nothing financial. However, you will have to be creative, spend some effort and time.

While integration of Sharepoint and Salesforce may seem to be a nuisance, there are certain benefits that you just cannot afford to ignore. They are worth considering.

  •  Integration allows you access to all sorts of office documents, which are related to your business even though they are not client-based. These may include spreadsheets and presentations. You can use these documents in addition to the client-based ones to make business decisions even when you are away from your business premises. Integration therefore gives you more insight into all aspects of your business regardless of where you are, whenever you need the information.
  • Sharepoint allows for document sharing within the organization. Salesforce on the other hand allows for global access via cloud. By integrating the two systems, you will have access to updated information. As soon as your staff shares the information, you will be able to access it. This enables all parties to stay current on the available data and information. The centralization also allows for one source of truth instead of many, thus preventing manipulation of facts.

Bottom Line

While there are no official ways of integrating SharePoint and Salesforce, there are a number of options available for your business. As long as you make use of the best practices, Salesforce SharePoint integration will streamline your business and enhance your productivity.
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