What is a Salesforce Trigger Tutorial?

A Salesforce trigger is an action that occurs before an event. The events can be anything. It might be an update that is going to happen if you are going to delete something or you want to restore something you deleted. Triggers are used in many devices and presently have become a lot easier to run, which is why a Salesforce Trigger tutorial is not as complex as you may think. In this article, you will understand more about Salesforce trigger examples and more.


Two Types of Salesforce Triggers

What many people do not know is that there are two main types of triggers that you can work with. Both of the triggers perform different things which are why a Salesforce Trigger tutorial for each type differs from other. For instance, one tutorial is more about updating and only takes place before the event has occurred. This is the one that is used for updates. On the other hand, the other type of trigger goes to the records and modifies the results a little bit and changes the action.   The following type of trigger normally takes place whenever you are attempting to undelete something you had initially deleted. It is the kind of trigger that is used more often these days due to the touch screens on our devices; we find ourselves deleting something we wanted to keep. In such cases, having a Salesforce tutorial is very helpful and useful to learn. But, how do you create a trigger in Salesforce?


Finding a Salesforce Trigger Tutorial

Triggers run before object records get inserted, updated, deleted from the database or after records are updated, inserted and restored. Common events you will experience while you go through a Salesforce Trigger tutorial include Before Update, Before Insert, Before Delete, After Update, After Insert, After Delete and After Undelete.


If you are looking for the best Salesforce training where you will have access to a Salesforce trigger tutorial that is not super complicated and pretty easy to keep up with, the best place for you is online. Online training is better than learning from a book, and there are many reasons to prove this. However, one key reason why it is better to learn your tutorial online is because in case there are changes that are done on how to do it as devices change it would be much easier for you to see that update. Whereas once books are published they may not be as current and exact as you would prefer them to be especially if there is a change in a Salesforce trigger.


So, to avoid confusion you should stick to finding Salesforce tutorials online just to make things easier. There are also a lot of books and online forums to assist you through if you have questions. Given that there are many devices it may be hard for each one, and that is why it is something you will want to consider when you are selecting one to follow and keep up with.

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