Salesforce VS Vtiger – Who Wins This Battle?

The battle of Salesforce VS Vtiger has been going on for quite some time now. The debate on which product is better than the other has elicited mixed reactions from various sources. The pro Vtiger people have the argument that the product is more effective than Salesforce. Those who have used Salesforce and are satisfied say that there is no way they can be convinced that Vtiger is better than Salesforce. There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding which product is better between. Below are a few features than can help explore which is better between the two solutions. The insight below will help you decide which suites your needs.

Salesforce VS Vtiger 

Mobile Features to Enhance Productivity Today, more people are looking for CRMs which they can update. Not only is mobile functionality helpful for those who are based in the field, but it is also useful to those who are in the headquarters. It is for this reason why it is important that when you are looking to choose between Salesforce and Vtiger, it is important to consider and check how the tool performs while away from the office.

Getting Up and Running Software implementation can be a huge nightmare for you if you are not adequately prepared. It is therefore important to know what is involved in implementing the CRM tool; planning for training is a requirement.

CRM Should Help You Do Your Things Better The main essence of choosing a CRM tool is to help you in building a relationship with your clients. The chosen tool should allow you to run your processes and meet you needs in easily and effectively. If the CRM tool does not do this, then it will be of no benefit integrating it into your system or operation. With these factors in mind, choosing a CRM tool will not be a daunting task.

Salesforce Salesforce is developed by one of the leading CRM solution providers in the world. The applications are built on Salesforce 1 platform and connect with several other non Salesforce applications via various devices. It has been used to help achieve deals everywhere quickly by providing the much needed contact with leads, accounts and business information. Salesforce applications combine with custom apps and AppsExchange mobile apps thereby turning ones mobile into a sales office. This therefore allows the user to respond to log calls, hot deals and work opportunities. 

Salesforce helps in promoting and enhancing collaboration. The automation tools streamline the sales process by enabling managers and the sales teams to organize their leads, accounts and contacts. The automation tool also allows the managers and the sales people to be able to assess and prioritize business or work opportunities. In addition to that, managers who use the automation tool are able to oversee sales pipelines and other related analytics that are very useful when carrying out sales forecasting. This allows you to be able to plan on the future effectively and accurately.

Salesforce Features
Salesforce has various features that allow for facilitation of automating sales related activities. They include:
  •  Marketing as well as sales leads
  •  Email integration
  •  Opportunities and quotes
  •  Build/run innovative apps
  •  Forecasting
  •  Engage customers everywhere
  •  Approvals and workflow
  •  Social contacts and accounts
  •  Chatter
  •  Analytics
  •  Mobile – to stay connected
  •  Contact Manager
  •  Real Time Visibility
  •  Dashboards
  •  Workflow Communities for sales

The Benefits of Using Salesforce
  • Salesforce allows you to ‘super-charge’ your sales
  • Salesforce is known to deliver amazing service
  • The applications allows you join important conversations
  • Build the custom apps and sites
  • The application provide an avenue that you can use to for collaboration to your global organization
  • Due to the mobility feature of the application, it allows you to get access to the live data that you need anywhere
  • The application helps you get insights you require to make smart decisions
  • Salesforce pricing
Pricing is also a major determinant on the application that you will choose to use. The Salesforce products are available through subscription at prices starting from $5 per month. Free trial is also available at no coast.

Vtiger The Vtiger CRM provides sales, marketing and support teams with a very powerful collaboration and organization tool that can be used to get the much needed ideal customer experience. Vtiger CRM helps increase your sales, save time and make your business a success by improving prospects and customer experience. In addition to that using Vtiger allows you to be able to automate your sales, marketing and support tasks.

Vtiger Features Below are some of the Vtiger application features that allows for the automations of sales, marketing and support tasks both in small and large business.

Marketing The Vtiger marketing modules include the campaign management, email marketing, online lead generation and the product management tool. The product management tool is used for specialized as well as organization wide marketing purposes.

Customer Service The vtiger CRM provides the follow customer service capabilities and features
  • Ticket management systems knowledge management systems
  • Customer self service portals
Inventory Vtiger integrates the presales as well as the post sales activities by linking inventory management with all its CRM modules. This allows for closer monitoring and management of inventory throughout the sales process.

Benefits of Using Vtiger
  • Vtiger helps in automating the sales, support and all the related activities
  • It provides you with a channel for improving customer experience
  • Help save the time spent on various sales, support and marketing activities
  • Improves business prospects
  • Integrates both presales and post sales activities with other modules thereby allowing for proper inventory management

Vtiger CRM Pricing For those who consider using the Vtiger application the prices start from $12 per month. The pricing model is on subscription basis. Free trial is also available and no credit is required for it.

Conclusion Salesforce and Vtiger are products that can be used to streamline your sales activities. The battle of Salesforce VS Vtiger may continue, but I declare Salesforce the winner. 
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.