Salesforce VS Infusionsoft – Who Will Win?

Salesforce VS Infusionist is a debate which has been going on for long between their users. These two are some of the top CRM software that claims to solve sales problems. In this article, we will outline both software in a side by side comparison to find out which of them is the most ideal. The strengths and weaknesses of these software will be looked at as the determining factors. These two compete as the ideal small and medium sized business partner, but here now we outline them to find out which is the best business partner.

Salesforce VS Infusionist 

Edition Comparison

Infusionsoft is designed to help you make deals faster and accurately. It lists your leads from the hottest to the least to help you prioritize. This software helps you monitor all your prospects at a central place where you monitor your leads, purchases, web activity at one place. It makes it possible for you to know your highest ranking leads by use of visual lead scoring.

Infusionsoft is available in three forms: 

  • Standard – comes handy with 2 users and has the ability to handle 5 000 contacts. Priced at $199/month and will handle up to 500 000 emails monthly.
  • Plus – comes with 5 users and holds 20 000 contacts and a passage of 500 000 emails monthly. Priced at $299 a month.
  • Premier – supports up to 100 000 contacts and allows 500 000 emails a month. It supports 10 users and is priced at $499 a month.

Salesforce is often considered expensive. The cheapest edition, professional edition, goes for as little as $65 a month and the most popular, Salesforce Enterprise edition, goes for $125.

Every edition comes with different customization from the other and hidden costs are common. The professional edition comes with dashboard customization but lacks offline access. The Salesforce enterprise edition comes with the workflow module but lacks Visual workflow module. This system supports complete mobile integration which is priced at $50 a month. Discover how to check salesforce edition.

Handling Documents

Infusionsoft comes with numerous features such as mail merge. This software allows you to segment your contacts into groups which are ideal for effective communication. this software also allows you to combine demographic info with other useful info such as purchasing history and activity tracking. This lets you come up with a target list which is effective in sending mails to the target list.

Salesforce also allows for mail merge but after a 4 step procedure that involves:

  • Creating CSV file
  • Importing the file from
  • Merging it in Word
  • Importing the merged document into again

It also allows for extended mail merge but this has to be done by the user.

Opportunities and Sales Pipelines Management

Infusionsoft helps you manage your sales by making it possible for you to access contact info at a single central location. It also comes with the ability to track and monitor the lead source, sales history, marketing and past purchases.

You too will be able to track customer activity in your site from when they visit your site to when they make purchases.

Salesforce on the other hand, comes with the Quoting function which is present from the Enterprise edition the above editions. It also comes with a product catalogue which makes it easy for customer to make purchases.

It provides 1 sale methodology that helps you connect with the customers through easy sales. Moreover, Salesforce AppExchange comes with additional apps to help you manage your opportunities and sales pipelines.

Dashboard Management

Another important thing to comparing this Salesforce vs infusionsoft comparison is the dashboard management. These two software have different dashboard management that helps the users to manage their systems.

Infusionsoft has features that are very ideal to the user. It shows you all the activities that are bearing positive results. This helps you make decision regarding the activities and what to do with those that aren’t. It too lets you keep track of important activities such as conversion rates, email blasts as well as website analytics.

This system is useful in making you have a look at your future by making it possible for you to predict future sales. This is done by showing you the progress of sales deals thus making it possible for you to predict future sales volume.

This software also shows you the desired characteristics and behavior that led you to your lead source. This will help you reciprocate this information in other dealings.

Salesforce on the other hand comes with some fantastic features to help the user manage his dashboard. Salesforce gives the user the ability and capability to customize his/her dashboard. It comes with a customizable dashboard- a feature that is very ideal to the user. This is because the user can make it personalized so that it reflects the user’s specific business requirements. Customization also means that you are able to change your dashboard so as to conform to the ever changing market.

Salesforce comes with a three-column dashboard layout that accommodates up to 20 components per dashboard. This dashboard charts are based on reports. However, if there is a missing reports, this dashboard gives you a chance to make a report, feed it into the dashboard and implement it on the dashboard.

Salesforce also comes with a Dynamic Dashboard that is designed to offer security so that one doesn’t access restricted documents.


In this Salesforce vs infusionsoft comparison, customization is one great factor that will ensure your system is configured to work for you. Customization leads to better sales and contact management as you are able to command the system to work in a unique way.

Infusionsoft comes with customization tools that will make the internal processes streamlined. These internal processes include scheduling tasks, segmenting leads and shipping products.

Customization also enables you to send and deliver targeted messages at the most appropriate time. You too are able to do better marketing through routing contacts which leads in turning your leads into buyers.

Salesforce on the other hand comes with some awesome tools. Its comes with a customizable dashboard as well as tabs that are customizable. This makes it possible to customize the system there are also a possibility of customizing the whole system or some specific applications. However, you will need the rights of the administrator so as not to alter the general functioning o the system.

Salesforce is compatible with social media marketing. It will connect you with all the social media sites ranging from Facebook, twitter, instagram, WhatsApp and all other social sites.

Customization of Salesforce enables you to turn leads into buyers through routing of contacts. Learn more how salesforce import leads for better results.

Well, the two systems have different features which outdo each other in different categories. Infusionsoft has some cool features and is easy to use. Salesforce has some awesome features. It too has some high end features especially those found in the higher editions which make it outstanding. With the lower editions of the two software comparing rather equally, the high end editions of Salesforce are amazingly ahead of infusionsoft. Therefore, in this Salesforce vs infusionsoft comparison, Salesforce wins the battle.
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